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Discussion in 'Camper Pre-Purchase Questions' started by thecarmanclan, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. thecarmanclan

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    Dec 7, 2019
    Orlando, Fal
    New member about to bite the bullet and purchase a new to us popup! We are looking at two High Walls today (hubby is tall we fear a regular would be too cramped feeling). I need opinions on both.

    TV is a Tundra, both have AC, toilet and slide out dinette which were a must. Family of 4, kids are 4 and 7 and our dog may tag along.

    1) 2007 Fleetwood Niagara 4131-listed at a dealer for $3500 but no pictures. Seems long from specs but has an L couch.

    2) 2008 Forest River Rockwood HW256 private seller $4500 picture look like slight mildew one one bunk.

    We will probably be camping without sewer hookups mostly but only plan to use the toilet for emergencies. Any feedback on these?
  2. friartuck

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Perry, MI
    Welcome from Michigan! I don't have personal highwall experience for you, just my humble opinion to share :) . We have an '08 Fleetwood Bayside and we are happy with the quality of the unit. Camping friends DO have a Niagara highwall and are very happy with it. One caveat is the 'reach' from the floor to get into the bunk. If you are short (or even average size) you may need a stool to get in and out of the bunks. Best thing to do is try them on for size. Sit in the unit, think about rainy days when you are stuck inside, look at storage and how the unit(s) will fit your lifestyle. Have fun! The Tundra should not have a problem towing either unit (do get a brake controller!) $3500 is a good price for a hghwall unit of that age.
    Good luck!
  3. jmkay1

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    I have the little sister to the Niagara. Fleetwood is a great unit. However with that said, how handy are you, your husband? One of the biggest problems I have faced is not being able to find anyone willing to work on my unit if something was to go wrong. Fleetwood is out of business so therefor Local shops don’t have any parts. You can find parts at colemanpopupparts.com then again stock is limited and therefore more costly and your stuck doing the work yourself. You may have more luck finding shops willing to work on the Rockwood if something was to go wrong. One thing I’m questioning on the high wall selling for $3500 is what’s wrong with it. I bought my unit for $3500 so a highwall selling for that low is a small flag in my eyes. Now it’s very possible is low balled because they want it to sell quick but check it out carefully and don’t listen to the seller, listen with your eyes, your nose etc. no matter which unit you go for crawl under the camper and look at the frame, wheels etc. crawl in every cabinet with a flashlight and check how things look. Feel the roof and most importantly have them raise and lower it with you watching. That way you can not only see that the lift is working smoothly, but gives you the chance to look under the sidewalls of the roof. Pretend you are camping, putting kids to bed, crawling into bed your self. Pretend it’s cold/rainy and you are trapped inside the camper. Where would you sit, play games, etc. how does the layout feel when everyone is inside walking/playing etc. if you plan to cook inside, how does it feel? I personally choose to cook outside under the awning as I don’t want the smells to get in the camper esspecially since I camp in bear country.
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  4. Raycfe

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.53.58 AM.png

    Colemans as a rule are good campers

    But you do have to look at each camper you listed. I don't trust dealers and you may get a better deal from a private owner.
  5. Dingit

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    Mar 8, 2017
    They both seem sort of cheap and I'd expect both to require some work.

    I have a 2008 Arcadia which is the microwaveless version of the Niagara and it's a decent layout. The bathroom walls are easy to do and you don't need to mess with the faucet to pack up. (I don't know about the year Rockwood you're looking at but the new ones do require the faucet to be dismounted before folding up with the result of a better location for the sink but one more thing for me to forget...)

    You just have to look at them both very carefully and see. Before you go, look at the brochures for those two models and compare things like water tank and bed sizes and weight, if those things matter. Otherwise it's all about condition.

    Good luck!
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  6. CamperChrissy

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Chicago suburbs
    We have a 2006 Niagara and love it! Lots of floor space, two king beds, decent storage space. Hard-sided bathroom is easy to set up. Has a built-in black tank and the gray/black outlet on the outside of the camper is like those on a travel trailer. So if your campground has a dump station, this makes it easy to empty on your way out. Stinky slinky goes in the bumper. Yes, the bunks are high. One end you step on the couch to get in and the other end has a small built-in step to get up there. We love that it has the outside storage door that opens to the space that is under the couch. We keep all our set-up stuff in there - hoses, wheel chocks, etc.

    The box measures about 14 feet.

    Price on the one you're looking at seems low, almost suspicious. We got ours for $4500 last fall and that was one of the lowest priced ones I've seen in my area (far south Chicago suburbs). It was in kind-of dirty condition and had a few janky things we knew of (hot water heater missing, awning was dometic cabana that was not the right size, tires are iffy and the spare doesn't match). However it is solid and water-tight, which was the most important thing we were looking for. I had been looking for a bit and I knew that was a reasonable price for this condition in my area and we were ok with fixing those items.

    Let us know how your visit went!

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