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    I know there are other posts about Oscar Scherer SP in Osprey, FL, but I wanted to write my own version of our experience.
    The one thing I totally forgot to ask is how one is supposed to say the name of the park. I almost say it like 'Oscar Sheerer' but not sure about the pronunciation. Anyways, we drove for about 3 hours with traffic and all from Orlando. Pretty straight shot from I-4 to I-75. The van did pretty well at about 65mph. I am coming to find out that it doesn't shift as much at this speed and around 2,800 rpm towing our HTT.
    We got there and it must have been the quickest check in :) Went to our site #87 and backed in. This particular site wasn't level and it was short. Definitely not good for anything over 26' (ours is about that long with the bunks opened). We were in the middle of camping friends on sites 86 and 88 who had direct access to the creek in the back of their sites. There was standing water in the back of ours with a lot of trees. I don't know why, but there seemed to be a lot of ants on our table, so we had to spray it, but the site was well shaded and the bathrooms were right across the street.
    We never pulled out our inflatable kayak to go on the creek, but did some exploring on the south and north ends of the creek. We did some geo caching and visited the small museum where the kids got to take some shark's teeth [A]. Little did we know that we would find tons at Caspersen Beach! Friday night we went to Nokomis Beach about 10 minutes away to watch the sunset. Very pretty! The water was nice and warm.
    Saturday morning it rained pretty hard at 6:45am where I even noticed I had a leak on the front bunk, but nothing that a towel wouldn't take care of. Then it was breakfast inside the camper because it was muddy outside. Our mat was totally covered with sand and dirt! Then we went to the beach mentioned above. We brought a 10 x 10 canopy for the beach as well as the other 2 families so we were able to escape the Florida sun being out there until around 4pm. We headed back to the campground, but since some of the kids were asleep, we decided to go check out Turtle Beach Campground by Siesta Key. It seems like a good campground, but I don't think we can stay there because they have a maximum per site requirement of 6 and we are 7. They also charge $2 per person per day after 2 people (even kids). The good thing is that this campground is ON the beach!
    Got back and cooked dinner. Then went geo caching so we walked close to 2 miles with the kids and a wagon (carrying our 2 y/o twins) towards the south of the campground. Came back, had ice cream for father's day and went to bed.
    Sunday morning we woke up early, went to mass at 7:30 to Our Lady of Mt Carmel that is only 9 minutes away off of SR 41 and got back to start packing. I dumped and parked the camper at one of the creek's parking lots and headed back to the beach. I am glad we went because the surf wasn't as choppy as it had been on Saturday.
    One interesting thing about Oscar Scherer is that you need to be prepared to use a very long fresh water hose to hook up depending on what site you get. Both of the families we were with had at least a 60 ft run of hose and one of them had to go to an RV dealership down the road to buy a 50 footer. There is also a Walmart going north on SR 41. Bathrooms were clean enough for me to shower there every night. There were lots of butterflies and birds. Also, I don't know what kind of animal was on the trees making noises like a lamb LOL There should be great fishing in the creek, but we never brought our poles. Ah, there are 2 bike trails also, but we only had our kids bikes with us.

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