Our fourth trip to Misty Mountain Camp Resort

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    Jul 31, 2014
    We love(d) this place!
    It's where we first brought our new popup last year. We're only one hour away, so it's a super easy trip for us and the kids.
    Well, this past weekend was the bluegrass festival. And I have a few complaints.
    First, the term "Bluegrass Festival" to most (and myself) means that all day long, there are bands jamming. So when we booked the trip months ago, I was expecting to wake up Saturday morning and within a few hours after breakfast, the music would begin. No. Not until 5pm. Eh, no big deal. But I was still disappointed. I have two toddlers, and bedtime starts around 9 while camping (earlier at home), so I would only got to hear about 3 hours of music.

    Second point of frustration happened when we pulled up to our campsite. You see, there are two halves to this campground - upper and lower. We have always stayed in the lower park, which is freaking awesome (except for the 300yd hike to the bathhouse). We've never seen the upper park. This past weekend, my father was to bring his RV and hang at the festival with us, so we booked him a spot next to us in the upper park. Well, he has been busy with work on flights and road trips, so He couldn't make it until Saturday morning. I'll get to that in a bit...
    We pull up to our site, and I stop the truck and say to my wife, "Looks like that dude hasn't pulled out yet and he's in our spot." I was wrong. He was in his spot. And hooked up to his utilities. But the utilities for both spots were on the same pole. So we were forced to camp literally 5 feet away. I could have passed the salt to him through the galley window. "No. F**king. Way. We're leaving." I told the wife. Not only was I back to back with the guy on one side, but my Dad's spot was just ten feet out my front door! But we had the kids, and my Dad was coming tomorrow, so we decided to make the best of it. I told her to take the kids to the upper playground for an hour while I set up. I showed her on the park map where it was, and she left. And then came right back. NO playground up there, but there's one on the map? I asked the owners about this, and they just said matter of factly, No, there's no playground up there". So they had to hop in the rented golf cart and drive to the lower park to use that playground.
    This is starting to suck, but at least it's my Dad coming in Saturday morning and not some stranger. Right?
    Saturday morning rolls around, and while cooking breakfast, somebody pulls into Dad's spot. WTF. The wife and I look at each other, and we're pissed. Nothing against these folks, they were super polite, but I didn't want to share the fire ring and picnic tables with strangers.
    So then Dad calls my cell, and they've put him in the lower section, in a "spill over" type site in the middle of the field. No water hookup for his RV, only power. No shade, no trees, no borders. In the middle of an open field. We later agreed that this site was way better than the one he had booked, but thats not the point.
    What we were pissed about is that upon speaking to the owners of the CG, apparently because Dad did not call them to tell them that he was not coming in on Friday night, even thought he had paid a deposit of one night, he was marked as a "no show" and his spot was sold to another camper for the next night.
    Now, I'm no hospitality or lodging guru, but isn't the entire purpose of a deposit to reserve a spot? If you don't show up, you just lose the deposit, right? At least the establishment didn't lose money. They essentially cancelled his weekend reservation on his behalf, without telling him, because he didn't make it in the first night. Is this normal??
    I was livid.
    They gave him the spot at no charge, but I think still kept his deposit. He was in good spirits, and actually had a good spot for the show later, which we only go to see about an hour of because we had to cook at our site (Dad had no fire ring) and then come down after cleaning up.

    We may be back. But we will never ever stay in the upper park. There is NO privacy whatsoever. The spaces are only about 13 feet wide (seriously), and some have fire rings, so don't so you may have to share. My toddlers weren't given any freedom like they usually are because if they took ten steps in any direction, they were invading another campsite. The 18mo was crying and wanted to walk and hated being held captive by mommy and daddy, but what choice did we have? She was either forced to walk in the roadway, or around our tiny campsite. Did I mention that the terrain up there was super rough? Not a flat site to be found. So that made for an interesting time with a toddler that can't really negotiate roots, hills, slopes, etc.
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    Hello! and I'm sorry to hear you had such a trial. I also hate it when I am surprised at how close the camp sites are together- I usually research for hours before I book (and you'd been there before) but sometimes the maps just don't tell us the real scoop. I've been pleasantly surprised and not-so-pleasantly surprised. All of the places I have stayed so far do say they will give your site away if you don't show up for the first night, although if you call them to tell them that day, they sometimes will let it slide, depending on how many people they have looking for first-come, first-served spots. It does sound very inconvenient to have your dad so far away and without even a campfire ring. I hope your next trip is better!
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    Sounds like a trip from hell. I am afraid they would have asked me to leave as I would not have been as quiet as you undoubtedly were,
    I have never stayed in a campground that close to the next one and had to share fire rings etc. I usually got to state parks and the ones here in Fla., and Al. have a separation ,usually a wide area of brush etc. from one to another . I know I would not return myself. Happy Camping
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    Sorry to hear about your bad to worse trip. I do find that during special events a "no show" does meen a lost sight. That's one of the reasons I don't like camping during special events. I was told the Gettysburg bluegrass festival is like one big neighborhood block party. So if that is your thing you might want to look into it. All I know is getting in requires months notice and in all surrounding campgrounds too.

    One of the things I like to do when I go camping is walk the entire campground. That's how I found my favorite spot at one campground. Never fails when the little sidekick HAS to go, the bathhouse is closed for cleaning and often the case when it comes down to the urgency you don't have the map. One too many lessons learned there. When walking the grounds before hand I've made note of all the bathhouses that may be nearby, playgrounds, and perhaps better looking campsites. Now my side kick is older she enjoys these strolls as well. She loves to see the different trailers.

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