Our little family of ten just bought our first pop-up!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Our9arefine, Jul 2, 2014.

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    First of all: congratulations on your new baby and on your big family! Welcome to the portal and I think you will find lots of brilliant minds willing and eager to help a fellow PUP owner.

    I think you will find that with the right can-do attitude you'll get those problems fixed quickly and get past the learning curve after a few months of putzing around with the camper. There is tons of info on here and the search feature is great.

    My husband and I are just in the middle of our 3rd camping season here in MI and are very happy with our older Coleman and it suits our family of 7 really well, (kids are 15-3yo). Each year we get a little more relaxed and a little more polished and find something helpful to add to our growing camping supplies. This year we added a new awning and screen room (got both for 250, new from a wholesaler) and it really improves camping by keeping bugs out and giving me a better outdoor kitchen. We never cook in the pup, too crowded, and every night around 9 our pup turns into wall-to-wall bedding. Best wishes!!!

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