Ozark trail double wide shower tent


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Aug 8, 2015
I finally got a chance to set mine up in the yard today, I really like it. For $70 it is a steal. Goes up quick as well with all poles attached. The guy lines are on the rainfly but I think there are some spots I can tie out from in good weather if I don't want to put the fly on. This will come in very handy at my shooting campout I run for our local scout troop. We camp at a private ranch with no facilities at all beyond water from a pumphouse. Since I go up a couple days early and leave a day later due to set up/tear down of all my equipment I can get pretty ripe. I used to take a shower in the pump house/game processing barn but it really sucks in Feb. in the cold when it is windy. Now I can set up my bucket shower, a heater and have a luxurious warm shower in winter.

Thanks for the heads up - and they are still available at $70.

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
Can someone talk me out of a second one? I mean I don't need two. But at this price.... It's almost great to have a spare