Painting The Cabinets & Drawers

Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by DSCinVegas, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Hi All--- been checked out of the site somewhat, but now that the desert has finally cooled down and my crazy busy summer with work (not complaining too much-- a good problem to have?) is finally starting to CALM down, I'm getting the camping bug again! woo-hoo, Hello FALL!! lol

    So I am looking at starting phase 3... or is it 4? [:!] in my PUP re-do. Has anyone here (regretted) painting your cabinet surfaces in your pup? Asking mostly in regards to wear and tear I guess. I don't mind the work just wondering if down the road you wish you hadn't as they might have not held up that great. I know that I am always moving stuff around and stocking this and that like a munchkin thru the door when the pup is folded down... & never really paying attention to bangin' the interior sidewalls.

    To jump back a bit on the topic--- For the floor, I had thought about a stone tile look, but had decided to go with monochromatic and bought golden oak vinyl "planks" from Lowe's today. They are a perfect match to my faux oak cabinetry (I took an actual cabinet door in to the store). Now I am having second thoughts as my original gut says to go very dark gray on the cabinets and a dark "wood" finish on the floor, which is more contemporary, closer to my preferred style. I REALLY like the interior look of the Fleetwood E's... my inspiration I guess.

    Anyone have any experience with doing this? The good, bad and ugly of painting the interior? Thanks for any input!

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Hmmm Im interrested to hear what ppl have to say about this cuz Ive been thinking of doing the same thing!
    I have painted my home kitchen cabinets. sanding everything filling in the holes and priming and painting everthing and adding new hardware. It has held up well but a camper is such a small space id be worried about bumps and dings that just cant be helped.
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    We painted what little surface area there was in the Palomino, we went lighter than the original wood as every little bit of light surface helped make the pup brighter inside. It held up pretty well through 2 years of use, though the angled front wall under the edge of the bunk is marked up. The bunk end supports tend to hit it as they shift on the road, and it is easy to kick it reaching for things on the bunk, etc. We did not replace the doors on the galley, because it is easier for me to see and reach for things that are stored in it without the doors..

    The Cobalt has dark upholstery, curtains, and surfaces, though the canvas is much lighter the dark tan interior on the Palomino's, and it lets more light through. At night, the dark-charcoal table seemed to suck up some of the light from the ceiling fixtures, so I am going to try a light colored oilcloth cover for it and the "nightstand" cupboard. I'm also making quilts for the bunks, though will leave the dark curtains, for now.
    We'll leave the doors on this galley, they are not too bad for my taste. The counter is small, with only a few inches besides the (black) stove and sink. We'll be removing the sink over the winter, so I don't know just what we'll end up with to repair that end of the counter.

    We put a light floor tile in the Palomino, but it doesn't make much difference. We have ended up using throw rugs on most trips, so most of the floor is not visible.

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    I painted the interior of my camper. It was the dark 70s wood and we put laminate flooring down as well. It just brightened up the entire interior. You can check out my mods in my webshots. We just put replaced the wood side boards in the roof and upgraded the electric but I don't have pics of that yet. I also got rid of those plaid cushions. [:(O]

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