Palomino MXL Hardside popup HELP!!


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May 9, 2012
Hi! We are restoring a 1983 Palomino MXL Hard Sided popup, and it has been an extremely long and grueling process, but we are FINALLY nearing the end. Last night, we replaced the springs and bolts on the lift arms, but we aren't sure if we have done it right. We have found that the previous owners did a lot of cheap fixes, so we don't know how things are REALLY supposed to be. So, I KNOW someone out there has replaced these springs and bolts before, maybe you can help. We removed the old springs, but noticed that there are 2 holes that the spring can go into- one is closer to the arm, one further away. If we attach it into the closer one, the springs are completely slack when the top is up. Even loose. The bolts were the ones recommended when we ordered the springs, but it seems like if we are to put them in the further holes, they might be too short.

So, I guess my question is...should the springs be loose/slack when the top is up, or should there be some tension pulling them taut or stretched?

Here is a link to some pictures:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We just want to go camping!! (our next reservation is Sept 1...we can DO this!!)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Heather :)


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Sep 3, 2011
Congratulations on restoring the hard sided camper; and having the knowledge, tools, and desire to do the work yourself. I recently bought a Chalet and a few days into ownership found it had a leak at the window over the bed. I can do a few things on the camper, but I'm very limited. So it went to my RV guy who is in the process of fixing the water leak [:(]. He said to "do it correct" he has to open up the ceiling from the inside to repair the damage done over time. He said he could see a previous owners "repair job [LOL]". He's also going over my Chalet to be sure everything is in good, safe working order. Will get it back soon and then I'm taking it camping [CP]


Oct 30, 2011
Did you get new canvasses or block the bunk on one side off? It looks really nice! I just came in from working on my 84 MXL just a few mins ago. It needs just as much work, but I believe the old things worth fixing :)


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May 9, 2012
Thanks! It has been a fun project! We did put new canvas on. Pretty much everything is new now! We hope to take it for a trial run Saturday night!! So excited!!!! :)


Jan 10, 2012
MORE PICS PLEASE! I have been restoring my 81 MXL for some time. There are lots of things that I have no idea about but your pics are very helpful. I like the look of yours. What did you do to the other bunk?


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May 9, 2012
I will work on getting more pics up. We have fixed virtually everything, so if theres something specific you have a question about, we'd be happy to share our limited knowledge!! :) good luck!


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Sep 3, 2012
I am fixing an 85 also. I had to rebuild the entire rear. I would like to see more pix also. Especially the cabinets.


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Jul 5, 2007
High Point, North Carolina

Nice Camper!!

In regards to your original question, the springs should have just a little tension on them when the camper is popped up. This gives you maximum lift potential when they are stretched out. Over time (3-4 years), your new springs will loose power since they are stored under tension.

On the TXL I had, the original eye bolts were shot and broken. New eye bolts, including load-rated ones, snapped off. I eventually used an 8" piece of chain around the lift arm instead of an eye bolt. This worked perfectly and allowed fine tuning of the spring tension. Just a thought down the road.

I did a huge amount of rebuilding on mine - there are lots of pics in my link in my profile.

Happy Camping!!