Paradise Lake Campground-Appomattox VA


If it ain't poppin, it ain't campin
Aug 12, 2013
This is a personal review of Paradise Lake Campground. This is a private campground located between Lynchburg Virginia and Appomattox Virginia. [PU] [PU] [PU] [PU] [PU] [PU] [PU] [PU]

We first found this campground while searching online for a location to stay when visiting our daughter at Liberty University. We liked the location because it was just far enough from the campus to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy area that is Liberty but not to far. The campground is roughly 13-15 miles East of the campus and is about 6 miles West of Historic Appomattox, Va.

Our initial visit to the campground was back in July when we visited the campus, at that time all we did was a ride through and liked what we saw, it was NOTHING fancy but it was not a dump either. The sites seemed good and they let us pick our site. The only down side we saw at that time was that there were only 2 bathhouses, one at the office and another one up by the top section of the campground. However we did not go into them at that time. We decided that this was going to be OK for us so we booked the site and paid our 1 night stay deposit.

We then went back to the campus in September and decided to go ahead and finish paying for our site. At that time the DW decided to visit the restroom which was the office bathhouse mentioned above and to her surprise the showers were "PULL CHAIN" to disperse the water, which concerned her. Moving forward she was not real sure of staying there since our PUP does not have a shower or bathroom, so being the DH I am, I tried to find another location to no avail. My in-laws own a 28 foot TT so they decided to let us borrow that in case the other bathhouse was "dated" also. We took them up on the offer and I called Paradise Lake and they were VERY accommodating to us in changing our site to a FULL HOOKUP and pull thru site which I was very pleased with their courtesy and customer service.

Our initial stay was September 18-20, the DW wanted to go a day early and once again they were very accommodating and let us come up a day early with a late check in and pay the next day for our site.

The pull thru sites were spacious with fire pits and easy to maneuver in.... They even allow PUPS to use these sites. There are perm/seasonal sites also.

The campground is very peaceful and quite during late hours.. Actually the other bathhouse has standard showers and were very nice. The "pull chain" shower that concerned the DW was not all that bad other than having to keep the chain pulled to continue water flow, it is a very warm shower.

The only negatives would be: if you must have TV there is no cable, but we did get a very strong antenna signal. There is NO wifi at the site, but there is a hotspot at the office. The main road into the campground is not state maintained and is pretty rough but driveable .... ALL in ALL, I would give Paradise a good recommendation for group camping or personal camping.

I would recommend pull up the campground on Facebook and the Web