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    May 29, 2013
    My brother and I took a day trip to the Lafayette area to scout the camp-ground at the SP.
    If you love rolling prairies, this is the place for you. Miles of rolling prairies with an enormous
    bike path. You have to abso love the sun to enjoy this park. Even the camp-sites struggle to have an ounce of shade. The park does sport a half pint water park to shake the heat off on a hot day and facilities are amazingly clean and ship shape, but for the life of me I can't figure out why there wasn't better planning involved with the camp-ground. I would not even consider one site as partial shade.
    One can still enjoy the miles of rolling prairies (which are beautiful in their own rite) without having to feel like your camping in an easy bake oven and having no escape. In their defence I can say they did add a nice touch with an operating 1800's farm/homestead... but as my brother said on the way through... "They had to do something to help draw people in, it's more than apparent that there was some serious errors in judgement here."
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    Aug 10, 2009
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    We stayed there two years ago.

    It is a very nice state park and the farm is awesome.

    You are correct, there is very little shade in the campground. The half with no utilities has no shade at all. The other part where the sites have water and electric does have trees and some shade.

    The part the really baffle me was the camp site pads. They are paved in crushed limestone like you would put under pavers or patio blocks. Even in the tent section. It makes a nice surface for RV and trailers, but I am sure it is rough on tent floors and it is nearly impossible to drive a stake into it. Especially the cheap bent rod ones that come with most tents these days. And you aren't allowed to put up tents on the grass.

    The only reason I was able to stake down my canopy is because I carry a two pound sledge hammer and use the large steel nail type stakes.
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    Jan 22, 2012
    We have stayed here before and really enjoyed it. We liked the fact that we were next to the prairie and it was a little something different than the typical wooded campgrounds. We appreciated the cleanliness of the facilities. Agree that a tent would be hard to have on the pads though. Kids loved the playground area and the farm very much. We would definitely stay there again if we were in the area!

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