Pic of a over/under with Tv


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Mar 8, 2017
We just did this on our new used '08 FW Arcadia (almost identical to a Niagara) before taking it anywhere. We did axle "flip" only, plus new tires of the original size. This raised the trailer about 5-6". The stabilizers still reach, mostly (had to use one Lynx block between the 4 of them on our first trip), and the step is okay. We used a step stool under it anyway but it wasn't needed. My kids are used to a much bigger step.

We had several reasons to do this:
1. too uncomfortable to work under it--I know there's something goofy about that gray tank but I wasn't about to get under it.
2. couldn't get it in the driveway
3. waste drain openings were too low to use the sewer cleanout at home, to use a portable grey tank, to get into the driveway, etc. We used a dump station at a campground and it would have been very difficult had we not gotten that bit of lift ahead of time.

We do have one stupid issue because of it: We switched to a 3 1/4" drop on the drawbar and now it's so short, the truck and trailer have to be perfectly straight to open the tailgate while hitched or the tailgate hits the tongue jack.

This mod won't make our popup offroad worthy, but now that we can get it out of the driveway, we can try it out and see if we like it enough for it to be worth bothering. It'll probably require a beefier axle. By "offroad", I just mean rougher forest service type roads. Not actual offroading.


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Oct 15, 2006
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Lots of people do the axle flip for the reasons you stated. It should hold up ok for you and as stated you can at least get it out of the driveway now. Good Luck and Happy Camping


Sep 6, 2016
Heres a pic of my 02 rockwood with 3" lift made with torsion axle. Was able to go with 14" wheels and tires


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Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
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3.25" lift on PUP using spring over axle method with new perches welded to (new) top of old axle. Jeep Liberty also has a modest lift on it (from Jeepin By Al, installed by moi).


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