Picked up a new Dometic bag awning today for 25 bucks.


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Jun 25, 2012
Menards has all kinds of pipes. We think that the main pole at the end of our awning was replaced. It is heavier and like a galvanized pipe with holes drilled at ends to accept the side supports.


Jan 3, 2015
Re: Picked up a new 12' Dometic bag awning today for 25 bucks.

Thanks for the response pandcamper. I'm thinking about building something myself. Some aluminum square stock, electrical conduit? Maybe one of those easy up canopies and pillaging the four adjustable corners for starters? I'm open to suggestions. Has anyone else made/modified their awning support system?


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Jun 26, 2012
Wylie, Texas
On our old pup I used electrical conduit, two 90s,and more electrical conduit. Built 3 sides of a rectangle, then attached them with adjustable flag pole holders puchased at lowes for about $9 each, screwed right to the frame with self tapping screws.


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Jun 14, 2014
EMT conduit is your friend. It is cheap and the right size. It comes in 10' lengths normally, but electricians can get it in longer lengths. I bent some stuff on my awning and for about $8 it is even better than new. Replaced main spanner pole and a couple of the ones that come out from the camper with springs in them. I also replaced the plastic insertion pins with metal ones that I got at the jayco dealer for a reasonable price. Like I said, it is better than new.