Picking up new pup; setting new P2 brake controller at the same time

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    Jul 31, 2012
    Hello all,

    We are picking up our NTU pup this Saturday. Our previous pup had surge brakes; this one has electric brakes, so we purchased a Prodigy P2 brake controller. It's installed and operational, but hasn't been set up since we don't yet have the pup.

    Our concern is that we are picking up the pup from out of town (two hours away), and the terrain is hilly. We also aren't all that familiar with the area. The P2 set up instructions require a number of steps that include braking and adjustment of the levels while driving on a flat surface. This could be a challenge.

    Is there a generic setting we can use on the brake controller that is safe, and "good enough" to get us home until we can set it properly? We will be driving on the freeway a good portion of the trip.

    Would we be better off not using the brake controller until it can be set properly, and taking it slow and easy on the way home?

    Or, should we try our darndest to set the controller by finding a nearby parking lot, etc.?

    We appreciate your insight, since we've never used electric brakes on a trailer. For what it's worth, the pup is a 2008 Fleetwood Utah, our TV is a 2012 Honda Pilot with 4,500 lbs towing capacity. Thanks!
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    Nov 14, 2012
    I haven't setup a P2, but if it is like my Primus IQ, then the only setting you have to worry about with a popup is the gain. Find a parking lot a make sure it can't lock up the brakes.

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I have the same controller and setting up isnt as hard as it sounds.

    It does say to go 25mph on a flat road and apply manual until wheel lock then decrease. You can probably do that in a large parking lot.

    Otherwise drive a little and adjust until it feels equal to the vehicle.Take your time and get used to it.

    FWIW I have the blue gain knob around halfway and run boost at 2 as I prefer the extra trailer braking.
  4. Sam III

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    Jan 6, 2013
    I had the same controller on my 4Runner,
    And like said above... It is not hard to set it up.
    Drive and apply the brakes a few times to get them warm. Kinda like you would through a neighborhood.
    Then adjust them till it feels right.
    When you push the brake pedal down you want to feel everything slowing down equally.
    If you feel the trailer stopping the car let off a click or two.
    If you feel the trailer pushing the car add a click or two.

    Now, when you get a full load if camping gear you will have to adjust your settings a wee bit.
    Don't worry about it. You will feel how it is all working.

    If you get on a downhill and the trailer gets a cross draft and starts to swerve and fishtail you can manually apply the brakes with the override switch.
    Like it was said above, find a big parking lot and set them there. And at the same time you can play with them.
    Set them to high and learn how it feels.
    Set them to low and learn how it feels that way.
    Work the manual override and learn it.
    The neat thing about that controller is the harder you press the pedal the more power is sent to the trailer.

    You'll be fine.
    Have fun and good luck!

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Perry, MI
    Yeaaaa! You got your Utah! Congratulations! Pictures Please!
    Now you have to sign up for the Michigan Rally @ Holly in June [:D] And Hocking Hills in April, and the Indiana and Ill and Wi and and and [8D]

    I'd mention Great Lakes Pop Up Club here (glpuc.org) and tell you about the multi state rally in July, but we don't know where it will be yet, besides Michigan. [RTM] (That's for this weekends discussion at Boo Bash at Addison Oaks County Park just north of Rochester, still plenty of sites left in our group area. Just sayin' . . [:D] )
  6. MIlover

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    Jul 31, 2012
    Thanks for the tips everyone. I appreciate it.

    Friar, I will post more about the Utah once she is home and officially ours. I didn't want to post too much in advance. It would be like counting chickens before they're hatched. [:D]

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