Pine Cradle Lake - Rome, PA

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    This is a review from last summer (July 2017) but I never got around to posting it, I guess starting to think about camping this summer made me remember to get back on the portal :smiley:

    This was also our first trip in our NTU PUP. We stayed Sunday and Monday night on site 220 right on the lake. Sites are designed for big RVs (a majority of the folks at the campground leave their RVs there all summer), and had water and electrical hookups. We loved our site because the kids could go fishing and we were far enough away from the pool that we didn't hear everyone all day. Sites were nice and flat with a fire ring and picnic table.

    Pine Cradle has a nice pool and a really cool splash pad for the kids. We spend a lot of time there. You can fish on the lake w/o a PA license and there is a little trail to hike around the lake. There's a game room/arcade (which we never made it to), boat rentals, 3 or 4 play grounds, and a decent little store for basics.

    The bathrooms were clean and showers were very nice (much better than what I was expecting). We really had a great time, although I think we would have enjoyed anywhere since, again, it was our first time and we loved just being out in the PUP so much.

    The only drawback is the price. Since it's not a state park, and because their focus is on summer-long rentals, it was pretty expensive. We ended up paying about $110 for two nights and it's still the most expensive place I've found while looking for places to camp. But, the facilities were really nice and it's close to home, so something to be said for that.
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    Sounds nice, catch any fish?

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