Please check that you've safely hitched before venturing out . . . .

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    Don’t rely on the cotter pin to keep the drop bar attached to the hitch receiver.

    About 10 years ago, I rented a large enclosed trailer for a move. About 3 miles down the road on a busy state road, imagine my surprise when I see the trailer swerving erratically in the rear-view mirror. As I gradually slowed down, my TV was rear-ended by the trailer a couple of times. I was really confused as I had double-checked everything before leaving the lot…. Imagine to my surprise to find the hitch ball & drop bar still securely attached to the trailer tongue and NOT my vehicle. For whatever reason, the cotter pin fell off the drop bar retention post.

    Ever since then, I only use a keyed retention post and have never had a problem. I also saw why crossing the chains like I did prevented a lot more damage since the tongue didn’t dig into the road. The trailer had no damage. My TV bumper & hatch had a few sizable indentations.

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    I drilled out the hole in my hitch pin and use a padlock. I drilled another smaller hole inboard of where the lock is and use the pin clip there. Basically, I have two pin retention devices.

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