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    No podcasts listed yet?
    "Hello, my name is Charles and I have a podcast addiction..." [:D]

    We listen to a lot of podcasts and audio fiction while driving so I'll toss out one that's kind of camping related called the Camp Monsters podcast. It's produced by REI and recounts stories of weird creatures with an "around the campfire" theme.

    These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North America. A wolf man with bat wings thirty feet across. An enormous eel in America’s most popular lake. A frog half the size of a man. Something terrible that howls in the Ozark nights. We’ll travel the country, sit around campfires and talk about that thing that ran across the trail in the middle of the night, just beyond the beam of your flashlight. Come closer to the fire. Let’s hear the next legend.
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