Poinsett State Park

Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by scootmon, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Poinsett State Park
    6600 Poinsett Park Road
    Wedgefield SC 29168
    GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
    33.80361, -80.53417
    33°48'13"N, 80°32'3"W

    Poinsett was one of several state parks offering free camping recently. I took advantage of it, as I had purchased my pup in December and had yet to take it anywhere besides Camp Driveway. Mostly this was a shakedown cruise to see how my pup camped.

    Poinsett has 24 w/e camper sites, and 26 water-only tent sites. Nice little park out of the way of just about everything (Shaw AFB is right by it). You'll have to drive a good fifteen minutes to find anything other than a gas station, so plan accordingly in regards to supplies.

    I pulled in just after 5p.m. Office was closed, so I went to my campsite. Got set up, plugged in for power-nothing. plugged in my space heater at the 110 source and it was working, but no 30 amp power. By this time it's near-dark, so I figure I'm stuck for the night. Went for a walk and came across a pavilion. went inside and found four rangers there, setting up activities as part of the free weekend. Told them my situation, and Zabo-the park manager-saved the day! He switched out the 30 amp breaker at the power box and i was good to go.

    Overall a very nice weekend, though a storm made for very wet and cold camping. the place was booked up, but only six other campers showed up due to the weather.

    Pros: secluded, quiet, very friendly staff. Shower facilities clean and well-maintained. A great campground if you just want to relax.
    Cons: You'll have to take a trip if you need groceries, etc. Road heading towards the campground is VERY narrow. I wouldn't want to be coming in as someone is coming out.
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    Do you remember what some of the better sites were? I am meeting my brother half way and we are heading to Poinsett SP. There looks to be 2 gravel sites (15 and 21)...are these narrow or do they open up in the back? The pictures on campsitephotos.com shows rigs in these sites and it is hard to tell. If not, am thinking about booking 6 & 8, or 13 & 15, or 15 & 21.


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