POLL What are your plans for Memorial Weekend

Where are you going to be for Memorial Weekend

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Jan 1, 2010
We are camping at our favorite campground in our favorite spot near the coast. Finally camping has begun this year.


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Mar 30, 2008
I have to work Memorial Day weekend, so no camping. [:(]

But we already went on our camping trip for May on Mothers Day weekend, and we'll be back out again in June for a pop up Rally. [8D]


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
This year is one for Albuquerque fiber Arts Fiesta, held Thursday-Saturday; DH & I have handled the hanging system for the quilt portion for several shows. A lot of what we do is in advance, it still means no camping for the weekend. This time DH is at conferences out of state, but he'll be back in time to visit the show, and work show take-down.

We don't usually go camping on holiday weekends, anyway, unless we are backpacking or in one of the areas where there is less apt to be the "party crowd".


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May 8, 2011
Florida by way of WV and MD
I checking 'camping' in the poll, but really will only be camping on Monday. We are checking for the week when all the holiday campers are checking out. We will be arriving early and spending the day at the beach while we wait for check-in time.


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Mar 31, 2011
We will be camping at Bogue Chitto state park in our N2U PUP. We went tent camping there last year after it opened. My daughter got sick and our trip got cut short. Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, everyone stays well, and all goes well with our pup on it's maiden voyage.


Mar 14, 2011
I try to avoid the crazy holiday traffic, so we are staying close to home. Will be having the grandkid for the weekend to give mommy and daddy a break before # 2 comes along next month


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Sep 1, 2009
We got "tornado'd" out of the VA State park we were going to (they are not yet open again).... so we are sticking close to home going to a KOA... camping is kamping, so we will try that. Better than not going at all... and on short notice memorial day is a hard weekend to find something.


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Apr 1, 2011
Were boondocking up near Priest Lake Idaho , gonna do some horn hunting and see how the huckleberries are coming along . Gonna hit the trout steam and hike into the Salmo- Priest wilderness area .


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May 20, 2011
We really wanted to go camping but got started on our plans late. All the campgrounds we have looked at are full!!! So if you have any suggestions - let us know. Who knows - I might bring the little niece and nephews over and do the backyard thing!


Western North Carolina
Apr 15, 2007
North Carolina
We will be at one of our favorite summertime spots, Cross Country Campground near Lake Norman, NC. Grandkids are going this trip too.....the swimming pool opens for the season!


Oct 26, 2010
My daughter is getting married Saturday night and wife and I really like the groom:). He likes to go camping so we gave them our tent, cots etc for them to enjoy.


stu said:
My daughter is getting married Saturday night ...so we gave them our tent, cots etc for them to enjoy.
For the honeymoon?!? [:O] [LOL]