Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

The Meissners

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Aug 9, 2018
Mount Vernon, WA
When we were gifted out Pup from my Father, Our Local Licensing Place mentioned it was worth about $4,500, but in reality it is 27 years old and in very good condition. Always garaged, interior in amazing shape, the canvas, which is the Evolution 3 is in such great shape as well and it tows beautifully. We have had it for a few years now and used it more than it had been used in the 23 years prior. [:D]…...Living in the PNW allows us many opportunities to use it in a lot of gorgeous areas!


Jun 18, 2019
We paid 6400 for a 1992 Coleman Roanoke that belonged to a meticulous young engineer who took it apart and rebuilt it from the ground up to be a very comfortable solar-powered off road boondocking camper. We are surrounded by National Forests and BLM land, so this is exactly the type of PUP we wanted, but could not have built for ourselves. I am very happy with the purchase.


Jul 5, 2019
[We purchased our first PUC two weeks ago. it is a 1990 Starcraft nova.
I wish we had spent more time looking. We paid $1800 I thought it was in good shape until we really got time to look at it. The roof is rotted and Starcraft said we cannot get a replacement for one that old. The floor had a rotten spot and when we took out the awning and then tried to put it back the awning bag fell apart- we just had to laugh at what a piece of junk we bought luckily my DH is pretty handy and hopefully he can fix this stuff if we decide to upgrade since we only camped once in a borrowed camper I hopw we are more careful next time!!
I bought a 1991 Jayco slide in truckcamper last December for $1000.00 Canadian, the stove, fridge, cabinets are like new and floor and sidewalls are all in really good shape, but there was a leakage in a front seam and I will need to remove the ceiling and put a new board in there. I think it will be great when that's done but this is a whole new area for me!


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Jun 21, 2019
I paid $2000 for a 1995 Coleman Rio Grande. Someone took out all the propane and the battery as well as furnace and stove, but the Canvas is in amazing shape and the floor of the PUP is rock solid. The only real issue is the front corners of the storage box need some work. One looks like it has some rot, but the other looks more like someone ran it into something.

Cassie Milelr

Jul 26, 2019
We just got a 1983 Coleman Columbia for $200!! Is gonna need a new canvas though, other than that it is SOLID little camper.
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Jul 28, 2019
1992 Coleman Americana. FREE. Was talking to a guy, saw it and said, oh that looks nice. He said, you want it, I'll give it to you. And he did. Needs some work. Small area of dry rot in front of roof. Needs tires, and will do brakes, bearings and seals. And needs newer style propane setup. But, canvas, sides, sink, stove all work. I even got the original 1992 coleman icebox with it!


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Mar 15, 2021
FREE! i walked into work one day in the summer and my co worker stopped me and asked if I was interested in a trailer. I was hesitant because I'm more of a travel light, set up a tent or sleep in the truck kind of guy. I always saw a camper as silly since the days should be spent exploring nature and rock climbing. I said, "Ummm, I don't know, maybe..." then he said it's free. and I said heck yes!

The coworker's in-laws owned it and the coworker had used it the year before but they didn't want it anymore and were going to drop it off at the scrapyard but he thought of me and told them to wait until he saw me.

It's a Starcraft and seems like it's in good shape for the price. I'm learning how it all works and plan in going through it this summer and making it something that works well for me and my lady.


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Mar 29, 2021
Ohio, USA
I paid $2000 for a 1994 dutchman. The previous owners put in a new roof, new cosmetic floor, painted inside and out, new mattresses, new tires, new cushions for the table... a lot of work I didn't have to do. I think we need new canvas on the bunk ends but just purchased pop up gizmos that might make them last longer with patching. I don't think the previous owners knew to level the trailer when making repairs though.... the bunk end roof poles are so tight i break a sweat trying to install them. I worry im going to break some insulation or something fighting with them like i do.

kristy obryan

Aug 20, 2020
We bought a 2009 double axle Fleetwood Avalon last summer for $8000. It was in really good condition, has all the bells and whistles including air and a bathroom, and all the curtains had been custom made. Looking now, people are asking $2-3000 more for the exact same camper!


Apr 26, 2021
DFW, Texas
Paid $4200 for a 2002 Utah. In pretty good shape I think for being 19 years old. Has some wear and tear but the previous owners did some updating and cleaning up and installed a new A/C which is really nice since we are in Texas.


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Oct 11, 2022
I just paid $750 for mine. No electric, but we can fix that, overall in pretty good condition.

I paid $6300 for my 2006 Fleetwood Niagara. The guy wanted $6700 but I talked him down because of no A/C
Nada Guide said $7500


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Sep 29, 2022
Snohomish, WA
We bought our 2001 Coleman Santa Fe this last February for $4000. It has everything including AC. Excellent condition inside, a little bump on the outside which they repaired. It needed no work and we camped in it almost immediately and several times since.


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Nov 7, 2013
Payed $500 for my 1997 Starcraft Venture 2408 in 2013. I bought it from a co-worker/friend. It had a broken lift cable. In 9 years I only replaced the tires, wheel bearings, faucet, door handle, and some screen repair. I am over due for new tires now. It is still in about the same shape as when I bought it.

Paul E

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Oct 15, 2022
Bought our 1995 Coleman Utah in October 2022 for $3200 Cdn. ( Around $2400 US).

Thought that was good given the crazy prices these days and the very good shape it’s in.


Jul 15, 2019
It was a long time ago but we paid $4000 for our 1996 Jayco 1207 maybe around the year 2000. It’s been mostly maintenance free except for the last couple of years. I rebuilt the top because of wood rot, replaced tires, replaced hydraulic surge brakes with electric brakes, had to cut out the old tongue and weld in a new one, fixed the cracked rear abs panel and just recently replaced all the nylon pulleys and with steel ones with bearings and all the lift cables.


Nov 12, 2022
Just a totally nosy, but curious question/poll.
I wasn't sure if we got a good deal or not, so I thought I'd ask about everyone else's experience.
We (well, dh) bought a N2U 1986 Coleman Sun Valley. It needs just a little bit of work, (and of course lots of "makin' it ours" kinda stuff...)and the previous owner had recently replaced all the canvas and windows. All parts seem to be accounted for. We paid $300.
What's been your experience?
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Good deal.
I bought a 1996 Coachmen Viking it is in mint condition. Paid 2K for it this year in June. Has brand new tires and spare on it, too.


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Sep 2, 2012
Southern Illinois
Our 2019 HW29SC wasn't the deal of the century @ 17K when we bought it 2 years ago, but it is what we have been waiting for. These are few and far between it seems. We love the Popups after having 2 older ones over the years, prior to upsizing to a TT. TT's are nice but they are just NOT a Pop Up!
We were able to trade in our 2017 Salem Cruise Lite with a 7 year existing loan, and negotiate the same remaining terms with the HW. A win-win for us.

Life is good!