Ponderosa Pines Campground

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    Jul 2, 2013
    We decided to try Ponderosa Pines a couple of weeks ago, overall very nice park. Some very scenic trails and also very close the The Rocks (if you're looking for some tourist stuff)

    For us it's pretty much a local campground, about 45 minutes from home, we just wanted to get the trailer out and see how it would go with the 11 month old (and our 5 year old)

    When reserving and checking in I they had asked the ages of the kids, I assumed they were trying to keep the families in one area. I was very wrong. I really have no idea why they asked as they put us in the middle of 4 lots with just adults.

    I would be fine with this if the place was full but there was 40+ lots empty (first weekend of the season).

    So by 7:30 we're trying to get the kids ready for bed and our neighbours are just ramping up to party. By 9 by wife took our little guy home and I stayed with the 5yo.

    It definitely ruined our stay, again I totally understand when the place is full but for us and even for the party'ers that don't want to hear kids up at 5:30 they should have tried a bit harder at booking the lots.

    For a play that has "Family Campground" in the title we were a bit disappointed, but I'm sure it would be great for a couple with no kids.


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