Pop Ups versus Campgrounds?


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May 31, 2018
With the bigger places that want your stuff to be newer, call and ask, sometimes you can send them a picture. They just dont want beaters and people making trouble. When I had the pup, we got a pull through site at a higher end place. Thats because it has a sewer hook up and I wanted to use the shower. Some of the bigger 300k rvs around me were mad that I had a full hook up site. But after I told them we had a shower and bathroom they couldn't belive it. A camper pulled in across from us that was basicly made of duct tape, they pulled an assorment of blue and green ripped tarps out and made an awning. Next was the motercycles from the inside of the camper, then the sewer line full of holes. About 12 people showed up and set up all manner of kitbashed stuff and they set a bonfire that went up to the treeline. The next morning they were told to leave. I think the places that have the 10 year rule or no pop ups are trying to not let these types into the familly campground. On another note, if they dont want you go somewhere else. Hell, even at disney they like pop ups. So, dont worry on it.


Nov 12, 2022
That looks like a big fat party.
I'm in.
So this isn't your sort of camping?