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  1. finsnspurs

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    May 8, 2013
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    We do exactly the same. I call it roughing it because it's a smaller pot then at home!
  2. Katskamper

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    Nov 21, 2015
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    my gal pal insists i need a microwave in the pup. NO i don't!!

    ok, i admit i carry a full set of steel cook pans, & a dutch oven.
    i aso have real flatware, i hate eating w plastic. i got the camp chef oven.its heavy.
    i bring 2 propane lanterns & 6 oil lamps & a bucket of solar lites. i will use a combo of items. extra tools like hammers.
    yes its more than i will use on every trip, but i dont have to pack/ unpack for each trip.

    if i need it, i have it with me.
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  3. davido

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    Jul 17, 2014
    A 3x5 front-porch mat to wipe feet on before coming inside and a 2x3' bath mat inside the doorway is what we use to keep the interior less gritty / muddy / sandy / dusty.

    Also, for shoe storage:

    Our trailer came with one of these:
    They're not inexpensive, but really just consist of a rectangular bag (would be pretty easy to sew one) with a zipper, and with four hooks at the top. Sewn into the top and bottom is a rectangular board, probably about 1/8th inch thick to provide stiffness. What I'm imagining you could do for shoe storage, that would keep bugs out of your shoes, and would keep the shoes out of the trailer, would be to make a bag like this, measuring 8" high, 12" deep, and 24" across, but with the hooks much closer to the top of the bag. Then on the under side of the trailer place four heavy duty brass hooks (measure your floor thickness though, so that you don't end up with a hole in the floor). This sort of box could be suspended under the trailer adjacent to the door / entry. It would be super easy to wipe ones feet, take off shoes, and toss them into the bag before entering the trailer. And at night you could zip it closed to keep bugs out.
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  4. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Best tip I can come up with is make lists especially for set up and break down and use them...Saves having to repair /replace parts that are left up or down
  5. JunieB

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    May 8, 2018
    Central Florida
    I prefer a small Toaster Oven for the camper. Unlike a microwave you can: make toast and toasted bagels (obviously), heat mini pizzas properly, make bruschetta, and so on. Also, you can reheat leftovers just a little slower than a microwave.
  6. Toedtoes

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    May 28, 2018
    I learned with my clipper a few "rules":

    Go through every year and remove what wasn't used. Emergency gear is the only exception.

    Before I buy anything, I must identify its permanent home. No travelling with pots and pans on the bed, etc. My only exception to that is the camera gear and telescope.

    Keep it simple.

    With the clipper, I still find things breed in the dark. Some of that is getting moved to the FnR now. I dry camp with no generator or solar and so no tv or microwave, etc. Do love my propane oven in the clipper for cookies, pizza, baked potatoes, etc. Toast is made on a camp stove toaster over the rv stove. No need to bring a bunch of electric gadgets to enjoy my camping life.
  7. Orchid

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    May 8, 2011
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    We actually have a 9' x 13' RV mat on the ground in front of our camper. Plus, we have a mat on the step and another mat directly inside the door. I hate to think what it would be like without any of this stuff, because we always have sand on the floor anyway. The shoes are always all over the place.

    I do sew and would definitely make something like this for shoes it I thought my ceiling could support it. We have an ABS roof and our ceiling is some kind of thin plastic. It pulls when weight is put on it and has some small cracks where fixtures are installed. I would not hang anything of any weight from it. Thank you for the suggestion, though. I wish we could hang stuff up like that.

    I did just recently get the best idea for a shoe box from @hayyward that I am going to have DH get to work on asap. It will be hinged-lid box in front of the front bunk (by our door) that will also act as a step for me to get on the bunk. Right now I keep a stool there.
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  8. PaThacker

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    Feb 11, 2010
    I have 12 foot box plus a front trunk. I carry bedding for beds plus dinette and couch. Pantry hanging useless had that with my flagstaff. Much better idea is suspension rod shelving. Two rods, cups in sealing, and 3 shelves can carry a week of food including heavy can and jar sauces. Clothing: Cabelas folding dressor, dirty clothes: folding basket, Shoes: outside only, flip flops inside pup. All cookware and grill are stored in a chuckbox. Coffee drip propane or campfire/stovetop percolator depending on moods. Lanterns propane and battery. I don't think I ever set up a camper, pup, or hybrid in daylight when I went camping.

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