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    Custom Solar Bunkend Covers For All Folding
    Popup & Hybrid Camping Trailers

    Why PopUpGizmos...? Staying cooler in your camper...

    The PopUpGizmos Solar Bunkend Cover's unique features, rugged construction and sun reflecting abilities are outstanding. The multi-layer construction gives excellent strength while remaining extremely light weight. Each cover is fully edged with a heavy duty, durable UV resistant poly binding. When installed on top of your camper's bunkends, the pure aluminum coating of the cover does an outstanding job of reflecting the Sun's heat which results in a significant temperature reduction inside your camper's bunkends. Your entire camper will be cooler inside. The PopUpGizmos Solar Cover's aluminum coating is protected by a clear plastic film top coat. This prevents the aluminum coating from rubbing off or staining your camper's canvas like some other reflective materials can. The PopUpGizmos Solar Covers are easy to store in your camper because they fold up flat, no bigger than a folded twin size bed sheet.

    We manufacture the PopUpGizmos Solar Covers to fit YOUR trailer. In addition to keeping in stock all cover sizes for 1996 and newer Coleman/Fleetwood popup trailers, we have over 1000 other makes and models of popup and hybrid trailer bunkend sizes on file. If we do not have your trailer's measurements on file, simply supply your measurements with your order.

    With proper care and maintenance, your set of PopUpGizmos Solar Covers will provide you with several camping seasons of service.
    Please note: Extended periods of continuous, uninterrupted 24/7, 365 use of PopUpGizmos Covers is not recommended.

    Super High Wind PopUpGizmos

    Staying warmer in your camper...

    The heat loss blocking effect of the PopUpGizmos Solar Covers will also keep you warmer in the winter. By using the covers in the winter, heat that would have been lost through the top of your bunkend is now reflected back, keeping your camper warmer. How? The covers reduce interior heat from escaping through the top of the bunkends...the primary place your trailer looses heat. Please note, you do not need to flip the covers (silver side down) to reduce heat loss. We recommend the silver side of the covers be place outward for winter camping as well as summer camping.

    Additionally, using the PopUpGizmos Solar Covers can aid in the reduction of interior condensation, a major issue with many trailers during cooler weather camping. By maintaining a second surface barrier when installed, PopUpGizmos covers can significantly reduce interior condensation.

    Improve the comfort of your camping experience...

    Summer Benefits:
    • Significantly reduces inside bunkend temperatures resulting in cooler overall interior camper temperatures.
    • Rugged, multi-layered construction will give many seasons of service.
    • Folds up flat, no bigger than a folded twin size bed sheet for easy storage.
    • Significantly helps your air conditioner to cool more effectively.
    • Easy to install and remove with the included squeeze clamps.
    • Protects your canvas from the Sun's damaging effects.
    • Protects against bird droppings and tree sap.
    • Waterproof, completely washable.

    Cool weather and winter Benefits:
    • Will reduce interior heat loss through the tops of the bunkends.
    • Will reduce interior condensation build up.

    For more information on PopUpGizmos and to see our other quality products, or to place an order, visit us at: http://www.popupgizmos.com
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