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    It has come to my attention that my daughter has taken a liking to going tent camping with her two children and some friends. She has a tent and sleeping gear, but not much beyond that. They camp with power and water and she is thinking of going solo with the kids. She ask me about keeping food cold. I gave her pointers on keeping food cold without getting soggy and having cross contamination. I used coolers for decades, but if you have power there is no beating having a refrigerator. I'm thinking of getting her a portable as a gift. In looking I came across the Mobicool MCF40 compressor model. It appears to be made by Dometic. It has pretty good reviews on Amazon, but wondering if anyone has personal experience with them. As for the other parent (?) I should have listened to my gut and stuck with my first impression. Wish she would have gotten into this before she lived multiple states away.

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