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    Sep 6, 2019
    I usually avoid Walmart, first because of their… well crappy website and the way they treat their employees. Things have changed, the website has had a LOT of work done and the employees I have talked to seem ok with the new changes.

    Went shopping for new tires and ended up ordering from Walmart Ship to Store
    Carlisle ST145Rx12 LRD tires 2 each. Came in on time, and the folks are the Tire and Lube center installed for free. The people were great, at least at this store in Ankeny Iowa very helpful. There were NO tires available locally, and BTW these had a date code of 2019 and the employees knew all about the 6 year rule on tire aging. Yes I will do it again.
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    Jul 30, 2008
    I have purchased tires from Walmart and never had a complaint.

    As far as employee treatment goes, my local Walmart has many employees that have been there 10-20 years. They must not have it too bad.
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    I shop at Wally World, on line and at the store I have never had a problem with them. My pet peeve is out of 20 registers there will be only two open.
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