Potty's in your Pop Up

Discussion in 'Camper Pre-Purchase Questions' started by tommystef, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Aug 19, 2013
    I've been selling RVs for 10 years, have camped in MH's , TTs, FWs etc. The Thetford 402C cassette in my Jayco, in my opinion, is superior in most ways to the standard black tank setup in those other units.

    In a standard black tank setup you have to add chemicals and water to tank before you ever make your first flush. You also have to create an agitation mechanism to thoroughly clean the tank after use - by means of sewer flush, driving around with ice in tank, etc. Also, if you fill your tank and have no sewer connections at your site, you have to load your stuff and move trailer to a central dump.

    With the cassette, you have a flush water tank that you can load up with chemicals. Every time you push the button on the toilet, wonderful blue water fills the bowl with sanitized goodness. Once you fill the tank, you can load in truck and take to dump. You can then rinse/shake as much as you want quickly to completely clean the tank.

    There are no smells in camper when used properly. Most important, because you have more physical control over cleaning the tank, there are no smells after pulling the unit from storage.
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    I've used portable chemical toilets (Thetford and Dometic) for about 20 years. The only odors we've had are when the slider is open for flushing. And even those 10 seconds are better than what most campground bathrooms smell like.
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    We had a cassette toilet in our 07 Williamsburg that we just sold. One thing we learned from our local RV shop is not to use the wal-mart or big-box store brand of toilet chemical; they aren't as effective. Use what your RV store recommends. We only used ours for liquid only, but at 2AM, it certainly beat walking to the bathhouse.

    After having one, we wouldn't buy a PUP without one, I'll say that!
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    Jan 31, 2013
    I must be the only one that searched for a pup without a potty or shower... it was actually harder for me to find the 3604 I was looking for than it was a 3606-08......

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