Powerlift Not working going up


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Jul 19, 2012
Hello All! I am new to the site and to pop-ups. I just purchased a 1999 Viking pop-up. We just set it up for the first time and the power lift would not work. The previous owner said it might be the battery so I bought a new battery and fuse. The switch does not work on "UP" but does work on "DOWN". I pulled the switch out and it looks like all the wires are connected properly. Can someone please tell me what the problem could be? We had to manually crank it up and it was so hard and took so long I'm already thinking if it is going to be this hard to set it up it is not worth it. PLEASE HELP! Other than this the camper is awesome!

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Apr 4, 2009
Greely, Ontario
Hi, welcome to the portal. I've a few ideas but first, here's a link to the Carefree style power lift owners and install manual. Not sure if this is the model you have but it may help in figuring things out.


First, a question, when lowering the roof, does the powerlift reach an auto shutoff point (motor stops and no more power) or do you stop it yourself when the lift is at the lowest position. If its you stopping the lift system with no shut off then i'd start by checking the position and movement of the switch plate (refer to the owners manual for a diagram). If the switch plate is fine then i'd move to the wiring. You've already checked the control switch so follow the wires from the switch to wherever they lead (upper and lower limiting switches, etc...). If you don't find anything wrong, then i'd try replacing the switch itself.

Basically, the switch plate moves to the left when you raise the roof until it hits an electrical contact (upper limit switch) and shuts off the lift motor. This plate moves back to the right side when lowering, again until it hits a contact point (lower limit switch) to shut the motor. If this switch plate is, as an example, stuck touching the "upper limiting switch" then the roof will not move up, but would still move down.

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edit: just a quick addition, it could be the upper limiting switch itself as well


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Oct 3, 2007
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[:D] Welcome from Connecticut, happy and safe camping, enjoy have fun. [CP] Here's my take ......... the switch just changes (reverses) the motor wiring. So to troubleshoot ... I would remove/jump the motor wires to the battery 1st one way on the battery then the exact opposite, if it works the switch is bad. If it still has trouble lifting the roof the battery, motor or lifting system could be the problem. Hope it is simple.

Here is how many power lift switches work .......
but you may have relays also.