Practice, Practice, Practice and a SPUT


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Jul 6, 2010
So my boss had special ordered a LARGE quantity of tires and 50 of them showed up @ work today. No room @ my store. Mgr asks me how many 2456517 GY Fortera tires my Ranger can hold. He wants to split the load between out tow stores. I remember that DGF's sons had dissolved their lawn business but left the trailer, a little 6' flatbed. So I grab the 1 7/8 hitch and load up and off I go.

Friction fitting the trailer connector wasn't enough. Of COURSE it separated and ground down the prong. OPPS. No lights, better hurry up and get it home. Nope, can't do that, I have to go back to MY store and close up til 7:00.

Was gonna fix it after DGF went and bought a replacement connector, (I DO LOVE HER [:D] ), but alas, customers kept coming and calling wanting to spend their hard earned dollars. :)

So only a right side tail light for the 1/2 mile trip home in the dark. Got to park it out back of the apartment. Got it out easy enough, only had to drive forward. Can't us alternate entrances B & C, they're blocked. Driveway A is no more than 8' wide, has trash cans on one side against the 2 story brick wall and 6 x 6 timber edging on the other

Gotta NAIL this one I said to myself. back and for the wheel went, a few shifts forward to straighten up, but back it went!. with absolutely NO contact with ANYTHING. My Rangers bright B/U lights were the only illumination until I got to the back lot area when the motion sensor saw me and turned on the flood lights.

Could I have walked that unloaded trailer back there, YUP, sure I could have. Bu I needed the practice and challenge afforded by a beat up, rusty, flatbed trail that I would gladly sacrifice for learning and practice. Well, nothing sacrifice, but much gained.
Now to teach DGF with same trailer, just in case she ever has to drive our not yet found PUP.

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