pranksters flying drones?

Discussion in 'Astronomy / Star Gazing' started by Kristiecowans, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    [?] Any fans of the show Ancient Aliens? Well, I took my pup to Joshua Tree last weekend for the UFO convention to hear speakers from the TV show-very nice people BTW! Anyways, someone pulled the prank of a lifetime-probably the marines at the base nearby in 29 Palms, but I was next to a tour group out UFO hunting w/military grade night vision scopes-and low and behold a parade of 7 orbs (drones?) came flying by at 500' up and 1000' away-people where cheering and prank of all time IMO...propbably won't see that again in my lifetime, those naughty drone piolets really had everyone going...whether this was the "real deal" or a prank,,,sure got my money's worth, it was entertaining [LOL] [LOL] [LOL]

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