Pricing a 2006 Fleetwood Timberlake


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Feb 21, 2019
A friend of mine was widowed three years ago, and since she doesn't go camping anymore, she's wanting to sell her late husband's pop up.

It's an '06 Fleetwood Timberlake. 10' box, front storage, shoilet, outside shower, two propane tanks.

It's in excellent shape, stored in a garage. No mold or tears in the canvas, no cracks in the body and roof plastics. I have a bunch of pics if that helps.

Only real issue is the stepper door got knocked off (hit the curb when it was down). It's been "converted" to a removable panel with barrel locks, so the camper completely closes. But you'd want a separate step.

Also the tires need replaced, as they are over 5 years old.

I'm helping her sell it, and I was thinking we should list it at $5,000. A person who works with her offered like $500 lol. She just wants to get fair amount for it. I looked online and saw the same model listed from $3700 to $8,000.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Oct 10, 2013
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At todays prices I think $5k is reasonable in my opinion. I bought my 04 Fleetwood 7 years ago at Xmas for $3700 in the summer it could have gone for $4.5k. With the current prices and market you could even ask for more And I think you may still get takers depending on your area.


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May 31, 2018
Check it on the nada guides. Lile kelly blue book for campers. Take some off for the damaged door. Just dobt add options that were included with the model. To do that check colman pop up parts, hit the menu and go to the year you have and the specs.