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Apr 30, 2012



I was checking out one of my favorite bloggers, Noreen, The CampGal, and saw she posted a cute camping checklist and meal planner awhile back. I always rely on a checklist and meal planner when camping, but I was using an app on my tablet. Hubby didn’t like it so much, so then I started using a printed excel document. And on more than one occasion we had left behind the reservation receipts. So I decided I wanted everything all together in one place. When I came across The Camp Gal’s super cute, free, printable, modify-able one, I couldn’t resist using them in my book.]]

We have booked 10 camping trips this year, which means we are heading out every second friday. I work fridays from 11-7PM, so this year I will be relying on the dear hubby to pack everything and make sure all the stuff for the meals is there. Plus we are going out of country for a few of them, and some are new, so there was a lot of maps, booking paperwork, etc. So I decided to make a fully bound planner. I got the idea from the RV Camping Journal that I’ve seen on line, and put that together with a few free printables to create a fully bound, ready to go, all-in-one resource. No more multiple papers and lists scattered about! All our trips are in one place. I could have just punched holes in the paper and stuck them in a binder and called it a day, but I wanted something that could go in the vehicle, was easy to reference the maps, and a binder is bulky. I usually use a coil bound notebook for the menu and grocery planning, so I decided to take my project to Staples, and for $10, they bound my book and put waterproof plastic covers on the front and back!

Visit The Camp Gal blog and get her menu planner and then her checklist. Modify the checklist on Word as you see fit. I pinted off the emails for all my campground reservations, google map directions for the places that are new to us, as well as the individual campground maps for each trip. I even found a cute printable journal page from Trooperly, so that I could have a quick on hand journal page for my daughter to put in our family summer scrapbook later.

Using Word I made a memo sheet with the following trip information: Date, Campgound, Site, Directions, Notes. To keep the theme in inserted some copied graphics from The Camp Gal Checklist.


Behind this page was the campfound reservation, map of campground, and google directions to campground. Behind this was the Camping Checklist, the Menu Planner and last the Journal Page. I place a green coloured piece of paper as the divider at the back. I repeated this order of papers for all 10 trips, chronologically in the order of the trips. That’s it, done! And off to Staples to get bound! It looks a little OCD all typed out like this, but hey, if we want to get out of town on a friday night with kids and a dog, and not forget anything, we need to be organized. The gal at Staples gave me a funny look and laughed and said I wust be one organized camper!


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Apr 14, 2014
Thanks so much for sharing! I have been looking online for free printable camping journal pages. I want to write down campsites and camping adventures. But more for planning the next trip. Like what worked and didn't work while we were camping. I think I can use this as my journal pages.


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Feb 20, 2013
jinxiepie said:
thanks for catching that. I have no idea how to modify my post tho [LOL]


There's usually a button after you post that says modify. I guess I thought it was always there. I guess after you click off the page and come back later it's no longer there because my Modify button isn't there on my post now. So my apologies for thinking it could still be done.


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Dec 2, 2011
I LOVE this idea! Already started printing out pages for our summer trip across the country. [:D]