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    I just ordered the curtain panels that I'm going to alter to make privacy curtains for our PUP. I want to get this done soon because camping season will be here before we know it!

    Anyway, Our NTU PUP didn't have privacy curtains, but has all the other curtains. Without popping up, I wanted to find out what kind of hardware I need. I bought the curtain tabs, but now I'm wondering if that's the right thing. I didn't think to check before we closed it up in the fall (although I did take all the measurements, etc). I just don't want to put on the tabs and find out that it's not right.

    So, does anyone out there have a Coleman PUP (ours is an 84) that has paid attention to the curtain hardware that could tell me what I need, and if I bought the right thing?


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    Srews eye on each end screwed into the top. Rope runs inside the top of the curtain and they slide open and close. Does that make sense...I hope so!


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