problem? Please need advice on anti sway bar kit for my 2002 Coleman Utah

Discussion in 'Tow Vehicles, Hitch & Towing' started by Vilinsky88, Mar 26, 2021.

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    Vilinsky88 - I have a 2002 Coleman Utah, and had a lot of sway also. I tried redistributing weight, adding a friction sway control on it, and still had a lot more sway than I wanted. I did change out the load rated C tires to load rated D and it helped a bit. I found less than 60mph it would hardly ever sway, anything over 65mph and if the road was rough it would start swaying. What I found ultimately "cured" the sway was when I flipped the suspension from underslung to overslung and upsized from 13" rims to 14" rims, I have virtually no sway anymore, even at highway speeds, windy, and/or rough roads. The added benefit of also not dragging the bumper or getting hung up on any little ant hill has been very nice also. With my experience I would say the Utah is just a heavier PUP and tows kind of heavy for the overall size and weight, and seems to have a tendency to want to sway. I don't know if the slideout adds to that or what, but I sympathize with you, before I got it under control there were some uncomfortable stretches (I think AZ89 was the worst, an hour and a half of constant swaying with rough roads and high winds). Also, if you weren't aware, when the trailer starts swaying a quick correction can usually be had by a quick application of the trailer brake via the controller.
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    As much as others will protest, I found with my Bayside the following reduced my sway to just about zero.

    1. Load range c radials changed to Load range D bias ply.
    2. Friction sway bar
    3. Spring over axle conversion.

    Between all 3 items, my sway is gone.

    I should add that my water tank is behind the axle, so I never tow with water in the tank.
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