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    Hi! We have a 2003 Coleman pop up that we bought used. The previous owner said there was a leak from the AC, and he replaced the gasket two years ago. We had it out and open during rain a few times, and there were no leaks, but we noticed one of the straps holding the door to the roof was wet once. Then we had 3 heavy days of rain, and there was a serious leak dripping out of the air conditioner, water dripping every second. We covered the trailer and put buckets under the leak, and after 3 days the buckets were almost full of water.

    We removed the AC inside the trailer and the wood in the roof was completely soaked. We’re hoping it’s not a total loss and we want to try to fix it. We’re considering replacing the gasket again and also possibly replacing the center seam.

    1. The camper was really unlevel for months. We just leveled it (after the leak). Could this have contributed to the leak?
    2. When we took out the AC from inside the trailer, one of the 4 bolts was loose, able to be take out by hand. Is it crazy wishful thinking to just tighten this bolt first to see if it fixes the problem?
    3. We took the 4 bolts out from inside the trailer, but can’t lift the AC unit off from the roof. It seems sealed onto the gasket or bolted in somewhere. Any idea of how to take it off?

    We’re supposed to leave on a 3 month trip in a couple weeks and desperate to fix this! Thanks for any help!

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