Propane - is there an encyclopedia out there?


San Antonio
Nov 9, 2014
San Antonio
Is there a simple, concise authority about propane, connections, adapters, high pressure and low pressure? I start reading these posts and pretty soon I have a headache. The posters disagree on issues which is really bad for us novices.

Too many acronyms being used which could cause a real safety issue. In healthcare we did away with abbreviations and acronyms to reduce errors. It works. When I am talking about medicine and heath I have to switch modes and speak differently because people without a medical education are going to get confused or assume they understood what was said.

I, for one, would like an authoritative manual that explains everything from beginning to end.


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May 22, 2013
Regarding pressure... High pressure usually means the pressure in the tank (either a refillable tank like you have on your camper's tongue or your gas grill, or the little green disposable cylinders you may have on a tabletop grill or a lantern.

Low pressure means there is a pressure regulator that is dropping tank pressure to a usable pressure.

Most appliances run on low pressure. The only question is whether the appliance has its own regulator (like most tabletop grills, lanterns, and portable heaters) or is there a regulator on or near the tank that sends low pressure to the appliances (such as on a camper). The appliances don't need a regulator, since the camper's regulator is sending low pressure through the pipes/hoses in the camper.