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    Mar 29, 2010
    Back from Vacations. Are you still having problems? if you do you need to get yourself a voltmeter and learn to use it if you are not handy with it. what is weird about this is that the voltage that comes from the battery or the converter goes to the same wire at the fuse box, so it should not matter which one is working, the voltage and amperage supply goes thru the same circuit. What can be happening is that the battery for some reason is not supplying the correct amount of voltage/amperage and the motor is not turning fast enough to trip the sail switch. That would be my first guess. You would have to check your voltage input at the furnace and compare what you get from each source.
    What brand/model furnace do you have?
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    Jan 25, 2016
    I have changed out all lights to low amp LEDs. I have three hand carry lamps that run on D cell, very bright, older style two burner Coleman stove (outside) on white gas to supplement and save on propane (I feel 30 gallon tank is overkill and too much weight to haul around), just two 5 gallon for me last a long time. I also cook on wood fire, with practice it is just fine. Solar panel from Harbor freight keeps second battery charged and two lights burning when I need them. If you can carry it, go for it. Boondocking is more of a philosophy and engineering challenge, kinda off the grid camping snubbing your nose at the big R/Vers and expensive campgrounds. Always think outside the box, or pop-up. :) [ALPU]
    P.S. For heat I went with a Mr. Heater indoor. It heats 1000 square feet, but i find snuggling with the wife a better option for heat transfer.
    As far as your wiring light issues, I went with rolls of LED lights and taped them all over the A liner (self sticking) and added a remote (only $1.29 on ebay from China. Then alligator clips to my deep cycle, very simple and safe, brighter than I need, so I dim them.
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    Jan 13, 2016
    Re: Propane No Battery UPDATE

    Went camping a lot last year. Never ran out of propane with my 20 lb tank! I almost always ran the fridge and cooked with the propane. When I was hooked up to power I used it to cook and run the heater on cooler nights and when my friends brought their young niece one night. I never did solve the heater not working with the new battery, but when I was on battery power I just used my Buddy heater hooked up to the 20 lb tank on cool nights(1 morning I woke up to 30° and snow!).
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    To each his own.

    A Group 24 battery in good condition will provide approximately 75-85AH of capacity. Let's round to 80. You are better off not using any flooded battery beyond 50% capacity, so 40AH of usable. If you had some expensive NiMH bank you might be able to go beyond 50% discharge, but a good rule of thumb is to not drop below 50%.

    If your lights consume a total of 2A, that 40AH of usable capacity will get you about four or five nights of use if you run the lights five hours. Eight or more nights if you reduce consumption further by running only half the lights, or only have that length of time. A 18AH portable solar battery will provide 9AH of usable capacity, so you can run the same lights for 2-4 nights depending on how easy you are on consumption.

    But there's more that the battery does: It charges phones, it provides a 12v plug for emergency needs, and most importantly, it powers your electric brakes even if the trailer breaks away from the vehicle.
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    Mar 26, 2017
    anyone think this guy has a blown fuse to his 12v circuit to the furnace?

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