Protect your Nuts! Lug Nuts, that is...

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    So, I've never had an issue with lug nuts before on aluminum rims. I'm a self confessed carguy, I have my own fleet. I've found it silly to check and recheck lugnuts that I've obviously pulled torque on before. Like, I'll confess in totality, that I've made fun of non-car people over it: like why are you changing brake fluid...? In MN, you will replace a brake line sometime folks.

    Flash forward to the Suburban towing the TT, a few weeks back to Upper MI. Somehow, two lug nuts sheared off, leaving 6 to hold the tire, loosely. Those six lugs carved threads into the rim, now leaving it junk and unrepairable. No alloy shop in the land will touch it. Goodbye fancy black rim hotness!

    I thought I'd drop by an Orielly boys in MI, but they list two different sets of lug studs, so I buy them all and I'll just do the job at camp. But, they are the wrong part once I pull the tire and inspect. So, after visiting a Fox Chev in Marquette, MI for $290 of the cheapest dollars ever spent, they install them so I'm back in business with a spare loaded BUT no spare in hand anymore. All the eggs in a single basket, right?

    At home, I couldn't find a matching rim - mine are discontinued. But, I found a guy in Texas with a set for $300, albeit scratched but matching and shipped for $450! So, the splined lug nuts can't be purchased in less then entire set of 32, so another $50 in lug nuts to boot. I'm in another mount and balance on this pigs... But the burb is back to safe and handsome with matching shoes again. Should I replace that one tire that is a lil thumpy in the center tread now? Maybe... how deep is your love? I just keep diggin in.

    I'm slowly catching up to a grand in expenses on something I've never really had to do: Check the Torque on the Lug Nuts before I leave the house and bring the torque wrench with me. We drove a few hundred miles on the burb before we left, it didn't loosen until I loaded the wagon. I took this same combo 3k miles to CO and back last year, no issues. That's my story. Check your nuts.

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