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Jul 17, 2009
NE Ohio
I just purchased a 2000 Coleman Cheyenne (16ft.) last year. I finally got to take it out last month. [:D] While driving up the highway, I noticed when I got to about 60mph, the PUP started swaying a bit behind me. (I call it the wiggles.) The tire pressure in the PUP is right on, I checked and added air before we left, there was no weight in the camper as the coolers were all in my truck bed. Tow vehicle is a 2004 Chevy 1500. Everything was even, hitch was beautifully inline, no sag in the vehicle.
I owned a 1974 AMF PUP 10 footer , stuffed it to the gills with coolers, camping gear and it towed wonderfully behind my truck. Sway bars sound like the next step? I looked online, they can get pretty expensive. Any suggestions?


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May 4, 2008
I agree, change your weight distribution.

If that does not work, try a weight distribution hitch over a sway control. It may be overkill, but there are advantages to the W/D system over the sway. ie. like being able to back up without unhooking the system first.

Others can chime in where needed. Good luck!



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Jun 3, 2009
San Antonio, Texas
I put an EAZ-LIFT Sway Control bar on the right side of my Fleetwood Bayside (3500 lbs) and took care of any sway. I added it because my Grand Cherokee has a short wheel base. Since it is only on one side I do not have any problems backing with it.

You can get them on e-bay for about 28.00 and it will cost about another 35 to get the adapter for your hitch ball.



Here's a campin' fool!!
Jul 17, 2009
NE Ohio
I read where to take the whole outfit up to a truck stop and have it weighed. Camper and tongue on scale, tongue on scale and the whole setup (PUP and tow vehicle) on the scale. That should give me a better idea of what my tongue weight should be. Like I said, there was nothing in the PUP when I towed it. Maybe I should add some stuff to the box that's in front of the PUP. Give it a bit of weight. Because my old PUP towed nicely fully loaded! LOL! If worse come to worse, I'll just drive at 60 mph! :)


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Aug 13, 2008
Just a thought, have you checked to see if your axle is perfectly square with the pup frame and is the same distance on each side from the ball socket center to the axle centerline? If the axle is a little off it can cause this also.


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Mar 25, 2009
I agree with most everyone else. Make sure you have weight distributed and if you still have some sway get a sway bar. We have a Niagara and with it empty I pulled it home one day and found it swaying a lot more than I remembered on our first outing. We too have a Chevy 1500. We installed a sway bar we bought for about $45 that included the ball for the hitch. We just had to have the parts welded on. We recently pulled our PUC 4000 miles thru flats and mountains and we had no sway. It was awesome!! Pulled like a dream. You do have to remember to take it off to back up.


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Oct 29, 2008
Lake Orion, Mi.
With nothing in the PUP or in the front storage box, I would be surprised if it didn't sway. My Niagara tows great without any sway bars or WDH but I keep the tongue weight pretty high. The front storage box contains all of my basic supplies.(electrical cords, water hookups, Campfire and grill accessories, Grey water tank, BBQ grill, charcoal, leveling blocks, chocks, etc.). In addition to all this I keep the Add a room and awning mat, zero gravity chairs, beach chairs, and small folding tables on the floor in front of the axle. Two propane tanks and the battery also add to the tongue weight. The Colemans with storage boxes do better if you keep the tongue weight on the high side of the weight distribution formula.

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Mar 3, 2005
I too found some sway with my PUC and I redistributed the weight 60/40 to the front of the PUC, replaced with my 5-1/4" to a 3-1/2 " drop drawbar to level the PUC and checked the tire pressures. My PUC now tracks without any sway.