Pups & Television Sets


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Mar 21, 2004
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we have an old analog TV and have the winegard hideaway antenna mounted. reception is spotty, even more so now with digital. an antenna booster/amplifier is a must. i mounted everything so all i have to do is raise the antenna and plug in one outside cable to the antenna to the cable jack mounted on the outside of the camper.

Almost bought a flatscreen 2 weeks ago, on sale at Sams, but didn't want to worry about it getting stolen.

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Apr 1, 2009
Still undecided about purchasing a TV for the pup but am still researching. Found this one that has some decent reviews. Would prefer a built-in DVD player, though.

We have a 13" analog set that we could take but aside from the cost of the converter and the size, will probably will just use the laptop for DVD watching til I find just the right flatscreen TV at just the right price.

All the input is much appreciated!


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Jun 20, 2008
I have the 19 insignia that Joe was talking about with the built in DVD player. It works great I mounted it on the side of a folding cabinet and remove it when in transit. We have never tried to get over the air programing but we do hook it up to the cable when the campground has it available. And you're right it is great to settle in and watch something on a rainy day or night.

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Rusty, it was <i>your</i> TV I was referring to <img src=../Images/icons/icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle alt="Wink">. I thought it was awesome, and you know how I like my gadgets.

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Jul 8, 2008
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

First off each to their own. If you don't want a TV in your camper....great. If you want one great. If you want a full sat system and a 42 inch LCD....great. None of my biz what you want to take with you.

As for us we have a 13 inch tv/DVD player we take. Never have hooked it up to an antenna. I figure whats the point as I can not stand 99% of what is on broadcast TV anymore. We do, however take along several movies both for the adults and for the kid as well. Most of the time it is only on for a while as we are settling down for bed or if it is raining out.

As far as weather issues we have that covered with a small AM/FM radio we have with weather bands and weather alert as well. And then if I ever decide to mount a radio in the pup the one I have has the same thing.

IMHO regardless of having a TV or not a weather alert radio is an essential when camping.


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May 6, 2009
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

For those of you that have the tv tuner for your laptop...

Is the antenna that comes with the tuner good enough for reception or do you hook it up to a powered antenna?

Was thinking about buying one so any info would be appreciated.

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Jun 10, 2008
Re: Pups & Television Sets

We have a 13" tv, I don't even remember where it came from but anyway, we have satalite at the house and I bought an extra dish from the installer for very little cash, that I mounted on the side of a stump and just bring the reciever from our bedroom at home with about 75 feet of cable, so I can watch my races anywhere I go. I used to install the things so setting the whole deal up takes less than ten minutes.


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Feb 6, 2007
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

Chewie48 said:
For those of you that have the tv tuner for your laptop...

Is the antenna that comes with the tuner good enough for reception or do you hook it up to a powered antenna?

When camping, it really depends on where you are. I put the antenna that came with it on top of my camper roof, I can usually pull in 3 or 4 over the air channels with it. With a better gain antenna, I would probably get more channels.


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May 6, 2009
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

Thanks for the feedback. 3 channels would be good enough. It would be just enough to watch a little tv before going to bed or when bad weather approaches.
I don't really want to go through the hassle of adding an external antenna to the PUP so I guess the one that comes with the tuner would suffice. Thanks again.


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Mar 25, 2009
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

typan said:

That's the one I bought for the popup, I seen it online for that price, and when I went to buy it, it was only $89, I think it was a sell off though, they didn't have them last week. We bring a few DVD's, rained last SAturday night and a bit on Sunday, so I'm glad we had it. Haven't even tried to get TV channels on it though. We bought a few movies at Walmart las week for $5 each, one was a 4 disc pack with 20 old westerns on it, it reminded me of Sunday afternoon dinner at my grandparents growing.


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May 3, 2009
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Re: Pups & Television Sets

I'll know after this weekend but I think the digital signals are "strong" enough to be received far further then analog. At least, it seemed that way when I last camped. Was handy to have too. Watched the local weather Sunday. Big rain storm was heading our way. We packed up and drove home. Just after backing the pup into the driveway the gates of hell opened up. [{}=] [{}=] [{}=]