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Feb 24, 2011
NW Arkansas
How do you put movies into your tablets?
We are exclusively Samsung and have several tablets and a whole cabinet full of movies. I would like to be able to copy them onto my tablets.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
The only way I know is only when the movie you have came with a free digital version. Usually involves installing their software then putting your code in to claim the digital copy. I’ve also can download free movies via Netflix on my tablet. Unless you have a lot of disk space on your tablet, I find only a couple movies will be your limit, depending on the movie.


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Jul 17, 2014
What you're talking about is ripping from DVD to a DRM-free format that would allow you to play back without the original disc. This process is a little tricky, and in my opinion not really worth the effort. It's much easier to buy the movie through a service that will allow you to download it. Amazon offers this service on some titles:

Netflix also allows for device download of some titles. You can search the Internet for ways to legally download digital versions of movies. There are a lot of options, and these options take all the ripping / transcoding pain out of the process.

If you're set on using the DVDs you currently have, you can pick up a portable player starting around $100, which may be cheaper than buying digital copies of everything you want to watch that you already own.

DVDs are expressly not supposed to be ripped, so the process of doing it is difficult, and not assured to even work. Welcome to digital rights management.


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Jul 17, 2014
Another option is a laptop with a DVD drive.
This is true, however since laptops with DVD drives are becoming harder to find unless you go to larger gaming laptops, the solution could be to purchase a USB DVD drive to plug into a laptop. But DVD drives consume a lot of power relative to the rest of a modern laptop, so battery life will probably be terrible. But it certainly is an option, particularly if you have a power source available. USB DVD drives start around $20 on Amazon.


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Mar 25, 2018
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USB DVD drives
Have had three of them, they all died an early death. It doesn't take much of a laptop to watch DVDs. I have an old Pentium III running Linux one of the grandsons uses to play them on. Battery life isn't great anymore, but if you're camping with hookups it doesn't matter much.


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Apr 17, 2010
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Google DVD ripper as you can backup all your DVD collection to a laptop or desktop legally. After ripping them convert to MKV files that are only 1-2 GB and you can watch them on your smartphone or tablet. Find a DVD ripper that is reputable and that will convert your ISO "Ripped Files" to MKV Files.


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Jan 12, 2007
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Bearman for the Win !!

Look on Amazon, there are all sorts of ripping / copying software for under $50 bucks

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Feb 7, 2013
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DVD ripping is always a grey area. To be safe, only rip DVDs you yourself physically own. I used to use DVDFab, and you have to keep updating the rippers to get around newer or different anti-ripping features. I did this a lot for deployments so I could load movies on to a USB hard drive and watch them on laptops in my tent or hut.

Bottom line, it's a REAL pain and it takes a long time. I solidly agree... connect the tablet to WiFi and use a downloadable content service like Netflix or Amazon Prime (I think Hulu does downloading now but you have to buy the service level). I've got an old Samsung Tab 4 we use for this very purpose. I have about 20 full length movies downloaded on it. I crank the quality down to reduce file size. All that is stored on the internal memory only. I have a 64GB SD card somewhere, but 20 movies is enough for me. If you go with the tablet route, also get yourself some powered speakers. Listening out of the tiny tablet speakers requires high volume so it screams at you. A small BT or wired speaker set really helps.

Good luck.


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Aug 28, 2012
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Save the legal warnings for someone else. You asked, so I'm giving you my personal setup: Popcorntime downloaded on my phone, then save a copy of whatever movie I want watch onto a removable micro-SD card. I have a projector that connects directly to phone (Droid MotoZ) and shoots a 72in HD image/video of whatever is on my phone. So, if I happen to be in no-man's-land, I will download a handful of movies from Popcorntime to take along. If I get cell signal, then I'll use the apps already on my phone that I have a membership to (Hulu, Netflix, etc). If I'm camping with just my family, we like to unwind with a movie in bed and will hang a small screen over a window and project inside and use the bluetooth stereo with speakers in the roof and 10in sub. When we are camping with several families, I use a larger outside screen that attaches with industrial velcro and takes up the entire 12ft box of the Pup and uses its bluetooth stereo with outside speakers. Just did this a couple weeks ago and had an 80's movie marathon at a family reunion. Works fantastic when we "circle the wagons" and have a large fire going. I don't do campgrounds with strangers stacked on top of each other, nor the rules that go with said campgrounds.


Nov 13, 2019
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Here's a few suggestions: Rip your DVD's and upload them to a cloud type service. When you purchase Apple products, you must create an iCloud account. Some services provide unlimited storage (preferred) but not all do so watch for that since you may incur some charges or subscription fees. In order to watch your movies, you would need an internet connection to access the cloud and view from your device. Another option is to pay for a streaming type service, like Netflix or the just released Disney+. In both cases you will require an internet connection plus electricity (or Inverter). We purchased a small 17" flat screen TV that has a built-in DVD player. Comes with remote and works great considering you have access to power. We watch movies outdoors, next to the fire and a long extension cord!