Question on finishing dual LP tank setup


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Jul 3, 2020
I just finished converting my single tank mount to a dual 20# setup.

My camper has a 2 stage regulator screwed into the front wall. The main gas line goes into it, then a shorter line goes from the regulator to the tanks.

I am going to install an auto or manual changeover regulator between the two propane tanks. Something like this: MARSH EXCEL MEGR253H Marshall Excelsior Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk: Automotive

Am I correct in assuming that I should take the regulator that is mounted on the camper out of the system and remove it? Then obviously get a single longer hose to directly connect the 2 stage changeover regulator to the camper?

Also, would take feedback on the linked regulator, or any better option. I would pair it with braided connector hoses to the tanks. This is a bit pricier than the "Flame King" style ones, but those have so many bad reviews that I would rather spend a bit more now for a reliable system.


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Oct 3, 2007
Waterford, Ct
Yes you remove your old regulator.
If you can't mount the new regulator in the same place and have the vent of the new regulator pointing down (keeps water out), Replace or extend the hose.
New braided hoses are a good choice. Get the correct ones for the fittings on the new regulator. (the new fittings maybe check valves)