Questions to consider in deciphering 4G technology

Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by PopUpSteve, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Source: By Roger Yu, USA TODAY
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    nice info Steve, thanks!

    that part about distance from cell tower, i can attest to personally. we were forced to move last fall. we have verizon wireless broadband for our internet connection. at the old place, i never had any problems with download speeds, watching online videos, etc. Now our wireless broadband connection reminds me of dial up. remember the commercials when DSL first came out, the guy washing his hair and rolling back and forth to check a picture? that's what this is like now.

    the difference? about 2 miles farther from the nearest tower now vs old house. so yeah, it does make a difference. Of course talking with tech support and running their 'speakeasy' web speedometer, gets this response 'you're still within our advertised speeds'.

    anyway, great post. i just upgraded phones in Dec, and no i didn't get the 4G because they told me it's gonna be a long time before it gets to our area, i'll probably be about through my contract timeline when it finally gets to us out here in the boonies of NW GA

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