Quick check 4 Lug nuts

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    this is something I have always done on my other vehicles for a quick check on my lug nuts. I know it may be an obvious one but reading through this site I haven't seen it listed.
    After torquing the lug nuts take a paint pen (or model paint) and mark each lug nut and rim with a dab of paint this way when you stop for gas or are tearing down to come home you only have to make a quick visual inspection of the tightness of your lug nuts. As long as the paint marks a aligned your lug nuts are tight. (This is not to take the place of actually checking the tightness periodically) I don't know if this helps or not but if it makes one campers trip a little easier then great.

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    That's good for checking to be sure the lugs aren't loosening but won't check for proper torque. Wheel lugs will stretch, especially when new.

    The best method is to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and check torque at the specified intervals on new hubs, after changing a tire and after winter storage.

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    Still, I think it is a good suggestion for a quick visual inspection during a trip. As far as checking the for proper torque, that can/should be done at the beginning of a trip.

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    I'll third what's already been said. It ensures that they haven't losened up, but it doesn't ensure that they're still at the proper torque.


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