Quick Hello from Holly/Groveland Twp. MI New Forum member


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May 8, 2014
Hi, I am brand new to forum and have already got my first Rally scheduled for The Midwestern Wagonmastered by Mamabean. I am planning on renting my first use of a pop-up. I am local to campground so if I need anything-won't be much of an issue as I will be in my own backyard!

Forgive my newbie/tenderfoot status; and I hope that this doesn't violate any Pop-up Portal policy but in the name of diseminating public info. (aka shameless plug) For those who are attending the MidWestern Rally in Holly next month-my church is hosting an all day FREE event just a couple miles down the road on Saturday. The 2nd annual Wheelz, Mealz and Dealz car show/swap, live music craft show, Pig Roast, scavenger hunt and 50/50 ...did I mention FREE attendance / parking?! We had a huge turnout last year for our first and expect it to be much larger this year. My wife will be doing face painting at the event as well.

Here is a link to info:http://www.trinitylcmsfenton.com/News.html and scroll down to bottom of event page.

and to our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/tlcfenton

Anyway, hoping to check this style of camping out-now with kids tent camping doesn't seem quite as appealing I am thinking that it will make it more enjoyable. My kids are: 8, 7 and 10 mos.!!

Thanks to all the contributors and moderators that devote and donate their time to this large on-line community.



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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
Re: Quick Hello from New Forum member

Welcome from western pa. You are in for a great time. I just recently met mamabean. She is super! Have fun!!!!!


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Jul 2, 2011
Welcome to my new friend Larry. :) You'll all have a blast at the rally buddy. Trust me.

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