Rain camping in a pop up?


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Sep 9, 2015
We just got our new to us 1992 Coleman Sequoia and only had a couple weeks of good weather to camp, but the kids love it and don't want to stop. Any suggestions from the veteran campers for continuing to camp in Fall/Winter in Washington State?


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Aug 14, 2008
Camping in the rain is one of the main reasons I moved from a tent to a PUP, is so I could go camping and not worry much about the inevitable rain.

When we know it's going to rain, we use the attached awning. Generally, I don't mess with it unless it would provide shade for afternoons because of lack of tree cover, or when it is going to rain. Additionally, I have a 10'x10' FirstUP canopy that butts right up to the awning for extended coverage or generally over the picnic table.

I used to bring lots of tarps in our tenting days and probably still could now but I don't really bother with it.

I have made drying rods that go under the rear slide out bunk end so we can hang out clothes and towels to dry and they be covered.

You could look at making skirts that attach to the underside of each bunk end and provide covered storage with sidewalls as rain splatter can make things under the bunk ends still get wet.

When it gets closer to freezing temps overnight, be sure to winterize your water lines either with the blow-out method or RV antifreeze and then just use bottled water and dishpans for your needs.


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Mar 5, 2006
Tacoma WA.
We practice "Blue Tarp Camping" every year. Lots of rope to suspend it between trees and an expandable painters pole to keep the center up.

This is from the Washington rally two years ago.


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Nov 9, 2014
San Antonio
I think my first question for you is have you checked to make sure that there are no leaks from the roof such as around the vent or a/c if you have either.

Secondly, have you waterproofed your canvas and made sure the seams don't leak? This will give you a lot of information about that. http://www.thepopupprincess.com/pop-up-camper-maintenance/cleaning-the-pop-up-camper-canvas/

The 3rd thing I would do is put some sort of rug in front of the step so that the kiddos and parents aren't bringing mud into the pup.


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May 17, 2014
Boulder, Colorado
Sawdusty recommended a rug in front of the entry step. I'll second that motion, and recommend Astroturf door mats for this purpose. The coarse texture really helps get debris off shoes. Ours does double duty as a surface to stand on when using the outside shower. Also useful as a kneeling pad.

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Jul 3, 2012
Rainy days can sometimes produce the best memories! Just be sure to bring a few games and/or activities and special snacks to while away the hours. It can be a special time away from the routine you normally keep, no one has to be anyplace except where they are. A bit of rain camping can be a gift to a busy family.


Oct 4, 2012
As far as the entryway of the camper, having the awning up keeps that area from getting muddy. Also, I use one of those mats that are made of heavy wire that is twisted around brown brush in a diagonal pattern. Most hardware stores have them. When it's dry most dirt or leaves fall in-between the spaces in the pattern, which helps keep crap out of the camper and, if it gets wet, there isn't as much muddy accumulation. Yes, rainy camping can be challenging, but also become an adventure. [{}=] [:O] :)


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May 14, 2014
Rain? Who cares about a little rain?


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Feb 28, 2014
I use the rain as an opportunity to wash the PUP and clean the canvas. I always carry a long handled marine soft bristle brush. No soap, just rain, but works better then a car wash.

Careful with the awning in the rain. Make sure to make it a very sharp angle. The poles are not the sturdiest and water can quickly pool in the middle and almost pull your top down.

I have a great picture of the wife and I creating Niagra falls when we had to push it up to get all the water off of it.

Don't forget to open in up on the next dry day to dry it out.


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Sep 28, 2011
Santa Clarita, California
In California its so dry... and comfounds more problem - dust. There's dust all over the camper. I welcome rain but not my wife... Rain washed dust away and I wipe it off where it didnt wash off. [PU] [TV]


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Sep 5, 2011
Love camping when it rains. If it is fairly light we like sittimg under the awning. If heavier we sit in the PUP. Oh the rain makes DW ... Uhh...err..uhm.. How shall we say... Romantic!


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Sep 9, 2015
you guys are awesome! thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas and advice! I almost can't wait to go out in a storm hehe.


Jul 26, 2015
Camping at the Dunes last weekend was our 1st rainy trip of 4 since we had our PUP. We had about 60% good weather during the day and rain every night...all night. PUP was dry and the rain on the roof added to the roar of the waves from a north wind on Lake Michigan. A good canopy over the picnic table and a nice rug under the PUP canopy kept most of the wet sand at bay. I will say that the rainy trip had it's ups and downs, but overall it was the best of our 4 trips in the PUP. You couldn't buy a DVD to recreate the natural sounds that we experienced.

Don't let a rainy forecast keep you home!!!!



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Nov 7, 2013
tfischer said:
Unless your popup leaks a lot I don't see the need for this.
It is true that you don't need it, but it is nicer if the canvas doesn't even get wet. Also you can have the windows all the way open.


Jul 14, 2014
We are in Southwest BC so get similar weather. We do lots of camping on the coast and get rain since we also can do 3 seasons like yourself.
We use the awning and a 10x10 popup (or 2). They come in pretty handy in our climate. The last week of summer we had strangely wet weather and we ended up with a 10x10 over the picnic table and one over the "fire" which was actually one of the propane units since we had a fire ban all through June, July and August - ironically right until that rainy week!

The poster that talked about cleaning the canvas was totally right! We had a busy hot camping season and had spent a lot of time in the sunny Okanagan and had lots of tree sap and bird droppings and dust. The rain cleaned it right off
I never thought to check the waterproof ability of it beforehand but it's never let us down...
I would never tarp over the whole thing. You'd lose the light, the view and the breathability

We love Deception Pass campground & the Olympic peninsula


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Like Tanya, we are in southwest BC and are, in fact, currently camped in the rain in Whistler. We tarped the pullouts and put up a tarp as an awning but, otherwise, having a heater running is the only special thing we've done. Last year we were camped in thunderstorms and, without a heaters, we could never get warm and dry. I second the rugs, DW was getting tired of cleaning floor before we got the outside one in place.


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Nov 30, 2014
Bored (the use of the word bored is intentional) games are a must for a rainy day, and don't lean on the canvas.


A short run will get you within walking distance.
May 17, 2014
Boulder, Colorado
e: Wing Shot's post #8- it's so much more challenging to fold canvas when it is frozen......

Reminds me of a Labor Day trip to Buffalo Pass in the early '70's.