happy, happy
Jun 21, 2012
Champaign Illinois
We went down to Ramsey state park last weekend. it is a beautiful park to visit. very, very, wooded. it is a long way around the park if you want to hike around it or bike it. and if you go around it look for a lot of ups and downs as well as a switch back road. the road is tree lined and beautiful. there are a lot of camping areas. a couple of them are tent campers only. another one is no electric hook ups, it has 20 or30 sites but no power. the main CG has 90 sites. about 10 or 15 have a view of the lake. the lake is pretty long. boaters are welcome but only electric motors allowed. all sites to camp in are 3/4" rock covered and the rock is kept in by 4x4 planks in an "L" shape. then each site has a table and a fire pit in the 4x4 area. water is available close by each loop. if there is a tag on the stake that says reserved. go on to another that has no tag and you can rent it at the camp host. $20 per night and firewood can be bought for $4 per bundle from the host as well. all in all a very nice park. at the boat dock is a concession stand as well. lovely park. we will be going back. probably when it is hot out. :) [2C]

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