Ray Roberts State Park - Isle Du Bois Unit

Discussion in 'Texas' started by WalksOn2Wheels, Oct 3, 2016.

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    Aug 14, 2016
    This park is actually REALLY close to me. I live on the north side of Denton and the drive to the front gate is maybe 20 minutes. But for those of you in the DFW area, it's definitely worth a visit. Looking at the dark skies map online, it's probably the darkest State Park attached to the DFW metroplex. You won't see the milky way, but definitely many more stars than you would see just 20 minutes south in my backyard (which is actually more than you would see even in downtown Denton).

    It also has lots of great trails, including equestrian trails if that's your thing. DORBA (DFW mtb trail system) maintains a set of mountain bike trails there that I have yet to ride, but will make extensive use of once I pick up a proper MTB in December. And if you like cruising by bike on easy trails, there are some lengthy flat options that run up to 10+ miles depending on how you work it. I have ridden those on my CX bike in the past. It would go even longer, but the main gravel path that runs south out of the park has the second half closed due to massive flooding a couple of years ago. And it's on the lake so it has all the requisite facilities for fishing and boating, as well as a man made beach for swimming. This also means there are some camp sites with really beautiful views.

    I think I've stayed here once or twice in the past for tent camping, but it's been long enough I don't remember much about those visits. We stayed on the Quail Run loop and it was very nice. Only thing of note is that while there were water and electricity hookups, there was no sewer/grey water drain at the site. You will have to put it in a tank for disposal at the dump station near the entrance of the park.

    The park was PACKED due to the recent awesome temperature drops. However, the Quail Run loop (which has a nice playground next to the bathrooms if you have kiddos) was actually REALLY quiet. I know I've had my fair share of noisy neighbors in state parks, but the nature of the loop dominated by TT's, Pop Ups, and 5th wheel trailers meant the neighbors were typically families or retired types. Probably one of the more pleasant nights I've spent in a State Park.

    So YES, check it out.

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    I have camped at both of the Ray Roberts state parks, and have enjoyed both. We did it with cub scouts so it was tent camping, haven't had a chance to drag the PUP out there yet. They did have some nice paved hike/bike trails which are great for the younger kids.
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    We have been to both Isle du bois and Ray Roberts. Both parks are nice places to camp, hike, bike and swim.

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