Re-using cooking water


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Sep 19, 2018
League City, Texas USA.
Dumb thought probably but I was wondering if anyone recycles cooking water for doing dishes after the meal? How are the results? Veggie or pasta water seem like add soap scrub and clear rinse and you are good to go.


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I wouldn't do it to wash dishes. There's surely food particles in the water that could cause bacteria growth or what not.

Is this for boondocking where water is at a premium? We don't typically have water hook-ups but it's always been just a jug-fill tap away (and we always fill our water tank in the camper)


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May 21, 2015
Have done it for a pre-rinse, not for actual wash. We save the rinse water for the next wash.


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Oct 10, 2013
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I’m not opposed to recycling water myself if water is not easily available. I’ve done that on a kayak camping trip once where fresh water was at a premium. Heck that water was probably cleaner than the boiled river water we used to clean dishes on the other days. Wouldn’t do it at a campground or if other options are available somewhere. Now most of my trips if I have to conserve water I get things camping clean but using freshwater and sanitize the dishes the end of the trip usually under 5 days later to kill any nasties.


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Oct 20, 2014
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I wouldn't do it to wash dishes. There's surely food particles in the water that could cause bacteria growth or what not.
But the wash water would contain food particles anyway from the dishes you are washing. The pasta was boiled long enough in the water to kill bacteria. Any bacteria in the water would have to be subsequently introduced. Also, you’re using fresh water for the rinse. I think the overall risk is quite minimal. YMMV


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Jan 2, 2022
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Isn't that called, "wiener water soup"?
Now that is a term I have not heard nor seen in print for a very long time, " wiener water soup". 😀 Besides the great content on this site, ie: diy help, buying advise, and great suggestions of camping in general, there are the humorous notes that my DW, & I enjoy. We know that there are a select bunch of Geriatric Juviniles, as we are ourselves, that are here to give advise, share opinions, share heart felt impressions, and bring a smile to our face, or in the case of BikeNFish with the " wiener water soup" comment, that causes just out right belly laughing. We married in 1977, were it not for wieners, boiled of course we would have starved to death. We called it " wiener water soup", never consumed it, but thought about it. Thanks Brothers & Sisters for the forgotten memories, and the laughter. See you on the trail.