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    Aug 13, 2018
    I researched and read lots of ideas for a bike rack on our pop up and came up with a solution that fit my requirements. We already had a hitch bike rack and I wanted to utilize it with the trailer.

    I found an 18 inch receiver tube at harbor freight for $16 and talked to my welder buddy that works at a shipyard. He welded it up for me this weekend and it's going to work great for us. It's plenty strong for a bike rack or even a hitch cargo rack if I decide later on for even more storage. He was able to source a 60 inch scrap piece of 2 inch square tubing for me and I gave him a six pack for his time.

    We tucked the square tubing up behind my bumper nicely and welded it to the frame. Then the receiver tube was welded to the square tube and then to a cross member on the frame. Turned out great and the bikes are going to fit perfectly back there.

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    May 31, 2018
    Just be careful, the reason most dont put bikes on the rear of the pop up is because it tends to make the trailor sway. Im sure this could be compensated for, but i wouldn't take the chance.
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    As mentioned it could cause sway if the bikes take too much off the tongue of the camper. Heck even something as a metal dog crate I put on the couch of my popup behind the weel caused my camper to sway and we're only talking less than 40 pounds. Every camper is different though. Before travel, with your bikes on weigh your tongue to ensure you still have 10-15% on your tongue. Otherwise before you head off relocate some things to the front of your camper.
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