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    Hey All,

    Had an opportunity to camp at the Red River State Recreation Area, in East Grand Forks, MN, a few weeks back. Were in town for a wedding, and decided to stay a few extra days afterwards.

    The Recreation area consists of a campground that was created in an old neighborhood that flooded out in the late 90's. There were many houses and a senior apartment type building on the grounds originally, and all of the residences were lost or removed in the flood and resulting cleanup. The location is NOT rustic by any means, it is right on the river front and adjacent to a big mall and business district. There is a rather extensive walk/bike path that runs thru the edge of the park, and continues on towards the downtown area.

    The sites were virtually all pull-thru style for RVs. There are also some walk-in tent sites, but we did not get over to explore that area at all. Sites are quite large and spread out for the most part. Not a lot of mature trees offering shade, but they have numerous small trees that have been planted, so I would expect that to improve over time.

    The entrance to the park is right off a large municipal parking lot. The campground is separated from all that by the flood berm, and I can't say that the noise and commotion from over there was all that distracting. There are several restaurants, a movie theater, and a Cabela's Sporting good store within walking distance. The parking lot lights were high enough that there was some spill-over into the park at that end, but it did not seem terribly distracting.

    The staff was pleasant for the little that we did have to interact with them. The toilet and shower facilities were nice enough, and staff did a great job of keeping them clean and pleasant, I lost track of how often they made the rounds to clean and mop and all that. At the far end of the campground, which was where our site was located, there is not much separating the area from Hwy 2, so there is fairly constant traffic noise there. Not the place you might want to go to 'get away from it all', but a clean and pleasant stop should your travels take you nearby. The majority of the campground roads are still remnants from when it was a residential neighborhood, paved and spread out. They do have a display board near the playground which tells some of the history of the area, and has a map of the old residences, sort of neat to read up on that, and kind of staggering how many people's homes were lost in the floods.

    Saw a handful of popups while we were there, but mostly larger travel trailers. There was a lot of turn-over with the sites during our 4-day stay. Some sites are available via reservation, some not. All appeared to be gravel parking pads from what I could see. Most had hookups available.

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