Remodeling my 1978 Ticonderoga!!

Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by Travis Ryan, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Travis Ryan

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    Mar 13, 2018
    ED131A17-8DD8-4AEA-867A-F4AE592383F1.jpeg A14D8163-5C88-44CC-9C37-072FD1039773.jpeg ED131A17-8DD8-4AEA-867A-F4AE592383F1.jpeg A14D8163-5C88-44CC-9C37-072FD1039773.jpeg So me and my step father decided to completely remodel my little pop up camper I’ve had. Started with ripping out the floor and trying to make alittle bit more room. Little did we know the roof has been taking in water. So the roof is gonna need a complete make over! Canvas all around is in decent shape. But I would like to replace a few parts of it due to deteriorating on some parts. Also one side of the lifting cables is snapped. Was snapped when I bought the camper. I’m trying to figure out how to fix the cable system but alittle confused. Any suggestions would help my friends. Thanks!
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  2. Dizzlerod

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    Feb 14, 2019
    Nice trailer[:D] Just rebuild the roof on my 1981 Coleman 130 Sunlite over the past month. Just a heads up it is a lot more work than anticipated! Check out the threads on my profile page for more pics. My trailer doesn’t use a pulley system so I can’t help you there. F4AF920E-731D-41D7-A821-61D2FD5114A5.jpeg 3E08933E-CBA8-4836-B406-40DE481A0117.jpeg 6717A10E-C82E-4848-951A-DDE8AAA8A645.jpeg

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